Panoramabahn On Alpe Di Siusi Will Be Retrofitted With Boarding Conveyor Belt.

The Panoramabahn on the Alpe di Siusi will be retrofitted with a boarding conveyor belt. 

The ift was construicte by Doppelmayr in 2008 replacing a 4pers. High speed chairlift (detachable). The Base station is at 1815 m and the Top station is at 2015 m witha gain in altitude of 200 m. the luift is 1064m in length with a current speed of 5 metres per second and a transit time of approx. 3:50 minutes. The carrying capacity is 2600 people per hour

The detachable 6-seater chairlift from the manufacturer Doppelmayr on the Alpe di Siusi will be retrofitted this summer with the boarding conveyor belt with lifting table. The transport of the prefabricated parts turned out to be very difficult.

The approach to the lift was complicated because a wet area had to be crossed, which is only accessible for smaller machines for a short period of time in summer. Therefore the parts had to be loaded from the truck onto the smaller tractor and placed at the station with a small excavator.

The actual assembly then takes place during the maintenance period at the end of October. The retrofit kit will be stored on site until then.

The new installation of the boarding conveyor belt including lifting table makes it easy for young and old to get in. The technical upgrade significantly improves the safety and capacity of the system. Because fewer guests fall or otherwise have problems getting in and the lifting table is raised for children, the system clearly gains in performance and comfort.

This type of upgrade is possible on all chairlifts.

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