Klattermusen Launches New Organically Insulated Jacket

Klättermusen, maker of the world’s most refined mountaineering equipment, are excited to launch the first completely organically insulated outdoor jacket, the Farbaute. A double winner at ISPO this year, the Farbaute won Gold in the Outdoors category and also took home the coveted “Sustainability Achievement Award”, with the judges commending its durability, functionality and design. 

Central to the design process was a desire to challenge the industry’s reliance on synthetic fabrics and insulation techniques, as such the outer fabric is Katla Cotton®, a Klättermusen designed fabric made from 100% organic cotton. Inspired by processes seen in nature, the cotton is subjected to pressure and heat to resemble geological compaction, which results in a fabric that is windproof, water repellant and highly breathable.

Further demonstrating their commitment to organic materials and challenging the perception that  performance thermal insulation can only be achieved with synthetics or micro-plastic, the Farbaute’s core insulation comes from nature with a blend of White Goose Down, Swiss Wool and Biopolyester. 

A box-wall construction technique has been used to ensure maximum insulation, leaving no gaps in the down for cold air to seep in. 

Head Designer Isabelle Liahaugen commented, “The Farbaute is a jacket of huge significance for Klättermusen and the wider outdoor industry, it’s the result of years of work refining and testing new fabrics and techniques. It’s a purposeful jacket that we’re very proud of - it’s safe, durable and beautiful for the wearer. We’ve proven that with patience and determination, there are natural alternatives to synthetic materials that minimise our customers' impact on nature, and still provide uncompromising commitment to the desired functionality.

Since 1975 Klättermusen has been a pioneer in making refined Scandinavian Mountaineering Equipment. The designs combine utility and extreme durability, always with consideration of the environment in mind. Klättermusen supports and inspires outdoor enthusiasts through unforgiving weather conditions and unpredictable terrains. Rigorously tested in real-world conditions, the equipment embodies Klättermusen's commitment to creating the best and most sustainable equipment available. 

The Farbaute is available in three colours: Midnight Blue, Raven Burnt, Dusty Green. More: www.klattermusen.com/en/  






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