HEAD & Porsche: Two Titans Of Speed Celebrate 50 Years Of The 911 Turbo

Technical excellence, uncompromising performance and a passion for speed - HEAD and Porsche are linked by the same DNA. That is why the two high-performance brands continue to expand their successful cooperation and bring a real icon to life in 2024/25: the 911 Turbo sports car gets a unique, handmade, limited edition ski collection for its 50th birthday.

COLLABORATE TO ACCELERATE - together we are even faster: HEAD and Porsche have been committed to this tagline for a number of years. Once again, HEAD and Porsche pool their industry-leading technical know-how to construct three exclusive skis with the highest performance. And there is a complete collection of high-end sportswear and accessories influenced by the multifaceted history of the legendary 911 Turbo sports car.

Three high-octane ski models in tartan

Since its debut, the 911 Turbo has stood out with its unique design and exceptional performance. Features that HEAD and Porsche made the foundation of their ski collection in recognition of five decades of 911 Turbo and eight generations of Porsche 911. They have created three high-octane ski models, where the design was inspired by the tartan pattern of the first Turbo generation. The timeless design of the silver PORSCHE | HEAD 8 Series is based on the very first Turbo from 1974. This Porsche was built exclusively for Ferdinand Porsche's daughter Louise Piëch as a one-off for her 70th birthday on the 29th of August. Its counterpart, the black PORSCHE | HEAD 7 Series with design elements in light green, harks back to the first Turbo produced in series, and its world début appearance on October the 3rd 1974 in Paris. The ski collection is rounded off by the PORSCHE | HEAD W Series for women, in which the tartan pattern stands out most in black, blue and red.

An overview of the PORSCHE | HEAD Collection 2024/25:

A choice of three ski models is available: the racing inspired 7 series, the versatile all-mountain 8 series, and the athletic women's W series. Each ski is fitted with the innovative Protector binding, which reduces the load on the front cruciate ligament by fifty percent. For each set of skis and bindings there is also an exclusive ski bag, stylish sport clothing and a selection of high quality accessories.


The PORSCHE | HEAD 7 series ski handles curves like the car: fast and dynamic, as if it were running on rails. The sporty sidecut and the high-end construction make the 7 series a performance-driven, fast and track-holding ski for experienced carvers.


The new PORSCHE | HEAD 8 series works well in varying snow conditions thanks to its power and dynamics. It is designed for skiers looking for an all-mountain ski that gives them stability and confidence in any terrain. Both the 7 series and the 8 series are based on a design inspired by racing, which ensures perfect control even at high speeds.


The PORSCHE I HEAD W series is a ski especially designed for women. Discerning women skiers will love the PORSCHE I HEAD W series. With a centre width of 70 mm and new geometry, these skis perform with finesse no matter the speed, and excel on all types of turns - whether long or short. 

Protector PR 13 GW

The Protector PR 13 binding with Full Heel Release technology (FHR) offers maximum safety thanks to its reduced release values in forward and especially backward falls, ensuring less strain on the knees and safer skiing.


An ergonomically designed ski pole with light swing weight and aerodynamic grips. On the PORSCHE | HEAD Carbon, attention has also been paid to every little detail.


This bag for one pair of skis is made of particularly durable premium material and is included with all skis in this series to provide them with perfect protection.


A modern, award-winning helmet with integrated 5K technology visor. Safety and comfort are guaranteed with this helmet, and not only for spectacle wearers. The helmet offers a virtually unlimited field of vision and provides highly effective protection against wind and weather. The double-glass visor is equipped with HEAD's contrast-enhancing 5K technology, and adapts automatically to the lighting conditions thanks to its photochromic properties. The patented Sphere Fit system for a perfectly comfortable fit and MIPS for maximum safety round off this innovative ski sport helmet with its exclusive Porsche design.


This exclusive helmet designed together with Porsche guarantees the ultimate combination of style, performance and safety. Equipped with the patented Sphere Fit system and MIPS technology, this modern, high performance helmet offers a comfortable fit and reduces the risk of concussion in the event of a fall. The adjustable ventilation system ensures a perfect climate inside the helmet in all weather conditions.


These brand new ski goggles offer unrestricted visibility, a comfortable fit and seamless helmet integration, mounted in a modern and innovative design of frame. The photochrome visor features HEAD's 5K technology for increased colour brilliance and contrast perception. The goggles are available in two sizes.

PORSCHE I HEAD Ski Jacket / Ski Pants / Ski Midlayer / Ski Pullover /

A matching collection of apparel has been designed for the PORSCHE | HEAD Edition, which is colour-coordinated exactly to match the skis and the entire collection. Like all products in this line, they are made of the highest quality materials and feature a unique, elegant design. While the men's line is defined by an athletic technical look, the women's line features a waisted ski jacket, quilted midlayer and checked pullover for a chic yet sporty look. A design characteristic that is repeated in stylish accents on the products for women is the iconic tartan pattern from the very first Porsche 911 Turbo.

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