FIS Releases COVID-19 Prevention Guidelines For Event Organisers

The health and safety of all participants at FIS Events including the athletes, team members, officials, volunteers, service providers, broadcasters, media and spectators has highest priority. The organisers and medical services are sincerely thanked for their engagement to enable the safe organisation of FIS competitions. The Covid-19 outbreak will require the integration of additional measures to keep everyone safe in connection with an event. 

Organised Sport can serve as a role model for managing the necessary conditions to organise safe events, which the authorities are introducing in all sectors of society. FIS events are already structured following defined rules and regulations and the participants are disciplined in respecting these. 

Therefore, FIS compiled the FIS Covid-19 Prevention Guidelines for Event Organisers to provide advice relevant for the circumstances specific to FIS events based on information from the World Health Organisation (WHO) and the IOC Medical Department, as well as best practices gained by FIS, its technical staff, the Medical Committee and other International Federations. The advice is designed to assist setting up various processes for the care and welfare of all participants at the event.

Event Organisers shall ensure that adequate measures are in place to protect the health of all participants and that they can have access to immediate medical care. Preventative measures to stop transmission of infection as well as mitigation measures to minimise the risk of infection shall be put in place. 

The Local Organising Committee is required to include responsible Health Authorities to support its work with establishing the appropriate measures and to stay updated in terms of latest developments and local regulations. 

Please also refer to latest FIS communications on the Information Hub created:

FIS Information Hub COVID-19

FIS is at your disposal for support and assistance wherever possible. For questions in relation to these Guidelines, please contact the FIS Medical Committee 

C-19 Support Group at

FIS Guidelines for Event Organisers.pdf 17.06.2020 Download

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