Wildschonau Opens Family Experience Drachental - Exciting, "Dragon" Adventures

The amusement park "Family Experience Drachental Wildschönau" right in the center of Oberau lets young and old adventurers rejoice. The heart of the spacious outdoor area is the "Drachenflitzer", the most modern summer toboggan run in the world.
The Drachenflitzer - Alpine Coaster

Safe, comfortable and spectacular: This is the Drachenflitzer, one of the most spectacular Alpine Coaster currently available. Passengers who want excitement and action are comfortably pulled up the approx. 625 m long route with their sledges. From above, a 1,355-meter-long route descends the mountain in no time at all. The thrill is not neglected either: Up to 25 meter high roundabouts let the adrenaline level skyrocket.

The spacious area in the Drachental in Oberau © Wildschönau Tourismus



The other attractions in the 30,000 square meter "Family Experience Drachental Wildschönau" also offer plenty of fun . At the games lake there are movable wooden rafts, wobbly platforms and climbing elements . You can go up high on the ten meter high wooden kite. Three floors inside offer marble runs, climbing nets and play areas. The smallest visitors can let off steam in their own adventure playground or test their balance on the exercise course. The diving platform, on the other hand, requires more courage. Because from one, three or five meters, little adrenaline junkies throw themselves into a huge airbag - an oversized air cushion that guarantees a soft landing. Do you prefer to travel on two wheels? The idealThe three trails on the Riedlhang are training grounds for young mountain bikers.

There's something going on at the diving platform

The family experience is located 10 km from the Wörgl motorway exit at the Schießhüttlarena in the center of Oberau / Wildschönau.

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