RECCO Technology Spreads To The Items Consumers Use Most - Shoes & Clothing

From shoes to pants, shorts and jackets, RECCO is posed to introduce ground-breaking technology that will help find lost hikers, rescue missing cyclists and change the way we think about outdoor recreation and safety. With more and more individuals choosing to play outdoors and explore wild places, the need for professional search and rescue organizations to be able to find missing or injured individuals quickly has never been greater. RECCO’s new line of reflectors meets this need.

RECCO’s new reflector 732, developed for shoes, can be embedded in all types of footwear, from approach shoes to trail running shoes to hiking boots and addresses the challenge of creating lightweight product that will not impact footwear performance while maintaining flexibility, durability and range to ensure that users are “searchable” by professional SAR organizations equipped with RECCO detectors in case of a mishap while hiking, trekking or trail running.

Joining RECCO’s innovative reflector 732 is the new reflector 641. Simple and easy to attach to lightweight pants and shorts via stitching into a seamline this reflector brings RECCO’s rescue technology to the products that people wear daily. Durable, battery-free and always on, the reflector 641 also has the benefit of being visible to the end user, reinforcing a brand’s commitment to safety through this visual cue while adding a unique technology story to every garment the reflector 641 is integrated with.

Finally, RECCO’s new reflector 741 is similar to the new reflector 641, with the added benefit of being nearly invisible when integrated into thin and lightweight jackets via placement in the collar of the garment. With a seamless flat design, the reflector 741 brings all the benefits of safety and searchability to light and mid-weight products.

With these new innovations, RECCO is excited to be able to provide new opportunities to integrate RECCO technology across additional product categories. This new class of reflectors, coupled with the rapid and ongoing deployment of RECCO SAR Helicopter Detectors globally, means that the chances of being found safe in case of a mishap in the outdoors is increasing. Currently there are 19 RECCO SAR Helicopter Detectors worldwide, with six based in North America and 13 units deployed across Europe. The latest deployments include the Teton County Search and Rescue, TCSAR (USA), Alpine Helicopters (CAN) and a RECCO SAR helicopter detector based out of Trento operated by Italy’s CNSAS.

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