Otztaler Radmarathon 2020 - 17,000 Registrations Received This Year

As always, the Ötztal cycling marathon captivates many amateur cyclists. 17,000 registrations were received this year. The 238 km and 5,500 vertical meters over four passes between North and South Tyrol thrill the masses. So on August 30th - the Kühtai, Brennerpass, Jaufenpass and Timmelsjoch passes, which have become classics, await the 4000 starters - four mountains, four great adventures.  Oliver Schwarz, Managing Director of Ötztal Tourismus said "Out of more than 15000 registrations, only 4000 will be on the start at Dorfstraße in Sölden."

Bonus for the anniversary

The many registrations for the 40th anniversary of the Ötztal Cycle Marathon motivated the organization team to allocate another 40 extra starting places from the event contingent for 1980 born. 40 forty-year-olds for the 40th edition - a coherent thing. There will also be an extra rating for this and all other 40s (born in 1980). The round anniversary is celebrated as befits its status.

In the sign of the golden eagle

The 40th edition of the Ötztaler Cycle Marathon is under the sign of the Golden Eagle. Ibex and marmot are a thing of the past. The "anniversary" animal is the undisputed king of the skies in the Alps. Extremely strong and very skilled. "The bird's majestic appearance is very similar to the image of a racing cyclist. The golden eagle - despite of its huge size - usually looks very light and elegant high up in the sky, and the amateur cyclists climb the four passes of the Ötztaler Cycle Marathon just as lightly and elegantly before they feel like an eagle on its prey, speeding down the switch-backing road towards the finish line." André Stadler, director of Innsbruck's Alpine Zoo, hits the nail on the head with his statement. "Golden eagles love the challenge and regularly prey animals that are considerably heavier than themselves. A must-have characteristic also for the participants in the Ötztaler Cycle Marathon. Their prey is not heavy to carry but very hard to hunt." Surely we are talking about the Sportful finisher jersey which is reserved to "real" finishers.

The finisher jersey of the 40th Ötztal cycling marathon

The finisher jersey of the 40th Ötztal Cycling Marathon © Ötztal Tourismus / Nikolaj Rasmussen

The route:

Start in Sölden. Downhill to Oetz (800 m). Then up to the Kühtai (2,020 m). Departure to Kematen and further towards Innsbruck (600 m). Take a short breath uphill to the Brenner Pass (1,377 m). Down to Sterzing (960 m). Turn right and go up the Jaufenpass (2,090 m). Carefully descend to St. Leonhard in the Passeier Valley (700 m) and then the grand finale to the Timmelsjoch (2,509 m). Dream destination: Sölden (1,377 m)

The mountain passes

Warm up Oetz - Kühtai: 18 km; 1,200 vertical meters; Refreshment station at total kilometer 49; Households Innsbruck - Brenner: 37.5 km; 777 vertical meters; Refreshment station at total kilometers 121.5; Probing Sterzing - Jaufenpass: 15.5 km; 1,130 vertical meters; Refreshment station at total kilometer 153; Schicksalsberg St. Leonhard - Timmelsjoch 29 km; 1,759 vertical meters; Refreshment station at total kilometers 191.5 and 196.

Further information: www.oetztaler-radmarathon.com

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