Italian Climbing And Mountaineering Brand Climbing Technology Appoints LDL COMeta To Provide International Press Office & Media Relations Service

As part of a move to consolidate its position on the international markets, Aludesign, a Cisano Bergamasco company that has been developing climbing and mountaineering equipment for over three decades, has appointed the LDL COMeta agency as the worldwide press office service provider for its Climbing Technology brand. 

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Photo by K. Dell'Orto - Climbing Technology

The Climbing Technology brand brilliantly epitomises the Made in Italy ethic by combining its powerful passion for driving technical developments in the outdoor world with meticulous attention to detail in the design and production of all of its personal safety and protection gear.  The result is the Climbing Technology range which itself is the product of the brand’s skills and experience in mountain activities (mountaineering and competitive climbing), in the professional working at height sphere (high altitude, ski lifts and rescue) and in the recreational sector (via ferrata protected climbing routes and adventure parks).  

"Our constant focus on developing innovative solutions means we have created devices capable of meeting the most highly evolved technical requirements both in sports contexts and workplace safety – commented Riccardo Losa, managing director of Aludesign – Safety, functionality and simplicity are the three core characteristics we demand from all of the products that come off our production lines".

Thanks to its Climbing Technology brand, the company founded in 1986 by Carlo Paglioli has carved itself a strong position on the international climbing and work and safety markets. It currently employs a workforce of 115 and exports to 70 countries worldwide. It is constantly engaged in highly  intensive research and development with the result that it has taken out no less than 20 international patents.  

To further develop Climbing Technology’s profile and position on the outdoor and safety in the workplace sphere, LDL COMeta will be targeting its media relations towards both specialist and general channels on the markets in question in Europe, Asia and North America.

"We are particularly delighted to be embarking on this new project as Climbing Technology will integrate synergically with the rest of the group of brands already in our portfolio – commented Carlo Brena of LDL COMeta – and that in turn with further strengthen the agency’s sports and outdoor vocation".

Aside from the presentation of the new additions to its outdoor equipment range for 2021, strategic brand development will also be at the centre of Climbing Technology’s PR activities. This will centre around  partnerships with skilled testimonials and high profile ambassadors in the individual sectors who will also be able to contribute to honing and evolving the products in a collection that spans everything from carabiners to climbing harnesses, helmets, ice axes and crampons.  

With over 30 years of experience, Climbing Technology has a powerful passion for its work and lavishes meticulous focus on the design and production of all of its personal safety and protection equipment and devices. Its products are the result of the brand’s exceptional skills and expertise in mountaineering and climbing as well as in the professional sphere, with working at height, ski lifts and rescue.  It also focuses on the recreational sector with via ferrata protected climbing routes and adventure parks.  Safety, functionality and simplicity are the three core characteristics that all of the products in the catalogue share.  

The Climbing Technology brand is owned by Aludesign, a company based in Cisano Bergamasco in Italy and founded by Carlo Paglioli in 1986. It currently employees a workforce of 115 and exports to 70 countries worldwide. Its constant and intensive research and development has produced no less than 20 international patents.  

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