ISO Certification For Marker And Dalbello’s Gripwalk

The GRIPWALK ski boot binding system from MDV Sports enables easy, comfortable walking in ski boots and is now being used by virtually all major manufacturers of bindings and ski boots. The International Organization for Standardization has now given final confirmation of the ISO standard 23223*, meaning that Marker’s patented technology will officially become the industry standard this year. Consumers will reap the biggest benefits: the ISO standard will ensure the compatibility of GRIPWALK products across different brands of bindings and ski boots.

Easy, comfortable walking in ski boots for everyone

GRIPWALK is a result of the innovative capabilities of Marker and Dalbello, and solves the problem of walking in bulky ski boots: the new ski boot sole and binding allow skiers more natural heel-toe movement, and the improved grip makes walking significantly safer. Whether walking from the hotel to the cable car or from the car park to the base station, GRIPWALK makes walking in ski boots easier and more comfortable – for young and old, beginners and experienced skiers alike.

Advantages for the entire ski industry

GRIPWALK was presented for the first time at ISPO 2016. Marker’s patents describe the incorporation of the technology into both the binding and the boot. While the system was initially only available for Marker ski bindings and Dalbello boots, virtually all major manufacturers have since been added as licensees. More than 20 companies with a combined market share of over 90 percent in alpine bindings and boots are currently GRIPWALK partners. MDV Sports estimates that more than 60 percent of all alpine ski boots and bindings have already installed GRIPWALK or are GRIPWALK compatible in the 2020/21 winter sports season.

“There are only a few standards within the ski industry. But uniform systems and joint developments such as GRIPWALK can ensure that safety and comfort improve across manufacturers. That is how we are optimising collaboration, further developing the range of equipment offered by the outfitters and enhancing the attractiveness of skiing through increased comfort,” says Jonathan Wiant, President of the Marker, Dalbello and Völkl brands.

All compatible ski boots, soles and bindings are TÜV certified and feature the GRIPWALK logo across all manufacturers.

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 *The new ISO standard 23223 provides a precise definition of the sole shape for ski boots with improved walking function (GRIPWALK) and, after the official introduction by the end of the year, will combine with the existing standards for alpine boots (ISO 5355) and touring boots (ISO 9523) to form a triple advantage.

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