Hochfilzen Opens Winter Biathlon Track For Summer Exercise

Hochfilzen has opened its biathlon track to summer visitors.

The circular hiking trail suitable for pushchairs makes the combination sport for holidaymakers, locals and biathlon enthusiasts alive all year round

How long has biathlon been around? In which disciplines is the trend sport held? And how do the professionals train? Regardless of whether in winter or summer: Holidaymakers can find out exciting details on the beautiful circular hiking trail that leads to the hotspots of the biathlon stronghold Hochfilzen in the Pillerseetal. Signs along the way of the route provide information.

A new era began in Hochfilzen in 1996: At that time the location, which was isolated at 1000 meters above sea level and was the largest "snow hole in Tyrol" due to the amount of precipitation, was the venue for the annual Biathlon World Cup. The 2005 World Cup followed with 100,000 spectators on site. Twelve years later, thanks to its growing popularity, 150,000 made it to the stadium. "We wanted to make the topic of biathlon tangible for guests all year round," says Armin Kuen, managing director of the Pillerseetal tourism association. This gave rise to the idea for the 15-kilometer circular route, which now carries winter sports into summer.

The themed trail with its 16 stations is ideal for families and awakens the childish urge to explore. It leads across the Tyrolean picture book landscape, through which the well-known cross-country trails meander in winter, on which international top athletes can also be found. An absolute highlight is the cross-country and biathlon center. At the latest here, at the training and Olympic base of the ÖSV athletes, the head cinema turns on and the competitive atmosphere becomes palpable when you stand in the stands.

Information boards are set up at the stations of the circular route. You learn that the history of biathlon goes back 5000 years, because that is how old the Norwegian cave paintings depicting hunters on skis are. Tips on successful training and equipment standards are used to shed light on various aspects of Nordic sport. A special table is also dedicated to the biathlon stars from Hochfilzen, especially Olympic champion Dominik Landertinger and European champion Felix Leitner.

By the way, Dominik Landertinger takes on a new function as a timepiece on the themed path: the skill station "Schlag den Landi" invites you to a very special summer biathlon. Starting this summer, you can take on a challenge with Dominik Landertinger.

Compete with the Pillerseetal biathlon legend and take on the challenge! The running challenge starts directly at the Warming bus stop in Hochfilzen and leads you up the forest road to the Hoametzlhütte. It is time - 00:15:41 - to beat Landi.

And the best for last: You can also win something with this challenge. The three best-placed participants will receive high-quality cross-country racing skis from regional partner Fischer Sports at the end of the year. The ranking and the conditions of participation can be seen on www.schlag-den-landi.at .

So sprint first, then hit the Landertinger dummy with a water pistol, and Landi will bring in the result.

If you want to win a gold medal yourself, take part in the puzzle rally. There are QR codes at the stations of the theme trail. Simply hold the cell phone camera on it and the fun begins: first answer the questions (although the additional insider knowledge is also helpful), then go by cell phone to one of the tourist offices in Pillerseetal or the municipality of Hochfilzen and collect the medal.

If you prefer to go by bike, join the guides of the Nordic Academy: Every Tuesday and Thursday from 3 p.m. they take you on the approximately two-hour bike tour along the biathlon path. The tour costs 29 euros or 49 euros with rental bike.

Save three times with the guest card: anyone on holiday in Pillerseetal can use the public Regiobus free of charge with the guest card. Across the Kitzbüheler Alpen (from Hochfilzen to Wörgl) you can take the S-Bahn and train (REX) for free. In addition, you get the Pillerseetal Card cheaper, with which mountain railways, swimming lakes and numerous other offers are free. Adults pay 48 euros for the four-day discount ticket, children 25 euros. At the end of the mountain season (from September 12th) the 3-day card is available. Adults pay 43 euros on presentation of the guest card, children pay nothing. By the way: The offspring from year 2016 and younger are always free of charge - no matter what ticket the parents have.


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