Former VP Of Marketing For Mt. Hood Meadows, Dave Tragethon, Announces The Launch Of Children's Book,

In celebration of the upcoming Earth Day on April 22, former VP of Marketing for Mt. Hood Meadows ski area, Dave Tragethon, announces the launch of a heartwarming children's book, "Willow's Second Chance." This book not only aims to educate the young minds about the environment and the impact of climate change but also supports the Well Done Foundation's ( mission to rehabilitate orphan oil and gas wells across the nation.

"Willow's Second Chance" began its journey as a beloved Christmas story featured on Dave's blog ( Inspired by his extensive communications background in the ski industry and dialogues with sustainability leaders, Dave crafted a narrative that captures the essence of environmental stewardship in a manner accessible to children. Tragethon worked closely on sustainable initiatives during his time with Mt. Hood Meadows. The National Ski Areas Association (NSAA) has recognized climate change as an existential threat, underscoring the importance of such educational efforts.

The tale of Willow, an orphan well seeking redemption and purpose, resonated with readers and led to a partnership with the Well Done Foundation (WDF). This non-profit organization is dedicated to identifying, adopting, and capping orphan oil and gas wells, thereby reducing harmful greenhouse gas emissions and groundwater contamination. It's a story of hope, aiming to shift the narrative from despair to proactive engagement with environmental issues.

Written for elementary students from kindergarten through 3rd grade, "Willow's Second Chance" is poised to become a vital component of environmental education curricula. As Earth Day approaches, this book serves as a timely reminder of our collective responsibility to nurture and protect our planet.

Dave Tragethon is now available for interviews, readings at schools, libraries, and community centers, and discussions on the broader impact of "Willow's Second Chance" on environmental education and awareness. With a reputable 30-year history of engaging with Northwest media, Dave is looking forward to sharing this meaningful story on radio, TV news, public affairs, and entertainment programs.

Let's give our children the chance to learn, engage, and be the change we wish to see in the world. Support "Willow's Second Chance" and the Well Done Foundation in making a difference this Earth Day and beyond.

Published by Tragethon Consulting, "Willow's Second Chance" is available for $16.99 plus delivery on the Well Done Foundation's website. Preorders are now open, with $10 from each sale directly supporting the Foundation's crucial work. Additionally, the book is available through Dave's website, contributing further to the foundation.

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Dave Tragethon is a communications strategist and storyteller with a rich background in broadcast journalism and hospitality marketing. He is a frequent speaker, moderator, and noted authority, having been interviewed hundreds of times on topics ranging from climate change to hospitality management.

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