Electric Shuttle Boat For Axalp

In order to secure its own future, Sportbahnen Axalp Windegg AG is setting out for new shores. Thanks to a funding partnership with Transitgas AG, the “E-lisabetha – Upper Lake Brienz electric shuttle boat” project can be realized in the summer of 2024.

As explained in an earlier announcement, the board of directors of Sportbahnen Axalp Windegg AG has developed seven sustainability projects. The vertical axis wind turbine project has already been implemented. Now a second sustainability project can also be realized: E-lisabetha – the electric shuttle boat for Upper Lake Brienz.

First electric shuttle boat on Lake Brienz

The Upper Brienz electric shuttle boat will offer shuttle and tour trips in the Upper Brienz basin. The electric boat travels from Brienz train station to Camping Aaregg, on to the Giessbach and Lindellen boat station and back to Brienz train station. The shuttle boat is designed for ten people and will operate primarily in summer.

Generous funding contribution from Transitgas AG

The high investment costs for the electric shuttle boat would be impossible for the small Axalp winter sports area to meet. Thanks to Transitgas AG, the NRP (New Regional Policy) and other generous sponsors, the project can be realized. “We are grateful and happy for the support of Transitgas AG and our other partners,” explains Chairman of the Board of Directors Ruedi Rubi proudly. Transitgas AG builds, maintains and operates a pipeline transport system to transport natural gas and, in the future, every possible green alternative energy source through Switzerland safely, efficiently and sustainably in accordance with European and Swiss legislation.

Boat Ahoy from summer 2024

Now that financing has been secured, Sportbahnen Axalp Windegg AG is doing everything it can to be able to set sail soon. “If everything goes according to plan and the delivery deadlines can be met, our E-Lisabetha will be transporting guests on the upper shore of Lake Brienz from summer 2024,” says Ruedi Rubi happily. The offer is not only an enrichment for the locals and tourists in Brienz. Annual positions can also be created for employees of Sportbahnen Axalp Windegg AG. “We are proud that, in addition to an innovative and sustainable offering, we can also offer more attractive positions for our employees,” explains operations manager Ueli Walthard.

Electric shuttle boat named after the beautiful boatwoman from Brienz

Elisabetha Grossmann, born on December 14, 1795 in Brienz, was also called “The Beautiful Boatwoman of Brienz”. She was a well-known Swiss boatwoman on Lake Brienz and was considered a tourist attraction in the Bernese Oberland at the beginning of the 19th century and was one of the most famous women there. The electric shuttle boat is named after the well-known skipper: E-lisabetha.

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