Daniel F. Lauber Is The New President Of The Zermatt Hoteliers’ Association

Daniel F. Lauber from the Cervo Mountain Boutique Resort is the new President of the Zermatt Hoteliers’ Association. He succeeds Corinne Julen from Europe Hotel & Spa and the focus of his year in office will be the topic of sustainability.

At the HVZ’s (Zermatt Hoteliers’ Association) 74th general meeting on Tuesday 16 April 2019 in the Hotel Sunstar, Daniel F. Lauber (Cervo Mountain Boutique Resort) was voted as the new President and successor to Corinne Julen (Europe Hotel & Spa). This is his second term as President since 2014, with each lasting one year. Mario Noti (Hotel Bellerive) was named as the new Vice-President. Corinne Julen, who was President of the Association last year, remains an elected member of the board.

Florian Julen (Hotel La Couronne), Sebastian Metry (Chalet Hotel Schönegg), Marc Biner (Hotel Silvana) and Christoph Kalbermatter (Hotel Derby) will also continue to serve on the board.

Sustainable projects

In addition to board member changes, the general meeting also discussed the Association's strategic plans. The HVZ has chosen the theme of sustainability as its focus for 2019. Support will be provided for sustainable projects in the hotel industry, including going plastic-free, using local ingredients and renewable energies and introducing vegetarian menus. Workshops on sustainability in tourism will also take place. "As a hotel industry in the mountains, nature is very precious to us and we have a responsibility towards it, so we want to emphasise the importance of protecting the environment," said Daniel F. Lauber.

Destination strategy and Bonfire

Other priorities in 2019 include embedding the revised strategy for the Zermatt – Matterhorn destination and implementing the Bonfire digitalisation strategy. The latter focuses on introducing an electronic tourist tax registration and implementing a CRM system across the destination. "The success of the destination’s strategy and Bonfire relies on all service partners in the destination working together," said Lauber, adding: "Sustainable development requires everyone’s cooperation; only then can we offer our guests genuine added value."

HVZ profile

With more than 100 members, the Zermatt Hoteliers’ Association is one of the largest branches in Switzerland. Measured by the number of overnight stays, Zermatt is the third most successful hotel industry in Switzerland after Zurich and Geneva. Zermatt also regularly appears at the top of hotel industry award rankings, both nationally and internationally.

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