Axess Installs Scan & Ski Tech In Vorarlberg

With the new construction of the Valisera Bahn in Silvretta Montafon, a new, digital age was ushered in for the ski area. Ready for the future - with the latest Axess setup.
A total of 70 million euros flowed into the vision of creating a year-round meeting place, explained Silvretta Montafon Managing Director Peter Marko at the opening of the Valisera Bahn in December 2021. In addition to one of the most modern cable car systems in the world, a large photovoltaic system and the world's largest electric charging station in a ski area, investments were made in the digitization of visitor management. Axess has been a partner of the Silvretta Montafon ski resort for many years and also implemented the ticketing, access and parking management for the most recent investment.
The new building was used to simplify all processes - both for the management and for the guests. The guests are now received in a large arrival area - the 360° Silvretta Park Montafon - with an integrated Axess TICKET LOUNGE. In the digitized valley station, the ticket can be purchased in a self-service process. In addition, the checkout area for stationary sales was equipped with the latest generation of the Axess SMART POS. The modern designs of the Axess products fit perfectly into the futuristic architecture of the new Valisera lift.
“With the Axess TICKET LOUNGE, the checkout staff is relieved enormously. Ski guests can purchase their tickets quickly and easily - the ski area itself markets ticket sales under the slogan "Scan & Pay":
1. Buy tickets online 
2. Voucher received
3. Scan the voucher at the PICK UP BOX on site 
4. Ticket is printed out
It couldn't be easier,” says project manager Mathias Freidl. It doesn't matter whether tickets are purchased for skiing in the winter season or for a day of adventure in the summer months, because the Axess complete system is designed for year-round operation. 
New benchmark in Vorarlberg
The new building in Silvretta Montafon sets new standards for the perfect experience in year-round operation and efficient structures for resort operators. 
“It's great to be part of such an ambitious project. The coordination with the many parties in the construction phase was a coordination challenge: Axess implemented the entire project in just five and a half months!” says Mathias Freidl.
Another highlight: Axess PARKING regulates the smooth entry and exit of the visitor parking lot. Not only does the 10-person gondola "Valisera Bahn 2.0" take guests up to the mountain experience at 7 m/s, the opening process of the parking barrier also impresses with a speed of 1.3 seconds. Thanks to integrated license plate recognition, long-term parkers can drive in and out without any effort. Data, number plates and invoices are stored in the personal customer account. Another step towards digitization. 

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