Zillertal Presents E-commerce Platform “Myzillertal”

The new e-commerce platform “myZillertal” is significantly boosting tourism sales in the Zillertal. The innovative online marketplace is a regional development that has received much attention throughout the Alpine region. It documents the successful digital collaboration in the Zillertal and enables guests and locals alike to book and pay for tourist offers and activities quickly and easily on their smartphone or desktop. With the collected data, the entire tourism destination can in turn successfully develop according to the actual interests of the guests.

Successful digitalization strategies do not have to be left to the global “big players” - if a destination manages to join forces, then data, sales and demand can be used effectively for regional circulation and success. This much-noticed development is made possible by the close cooperation between Zillertal Tourism, the cable car companies, the four tourism associations and the many local companies.

First and foremost, “myZillertal” was created as a virtual marketplace that allows users to easily book countless products and services using a single tool. Another advantage of developing your own Zillertal e-commerce platform is data generation and evaluation. Which products are popular, which events interest guests, when do they book, which offers do locals often and happily accept, how often do they complete a transaction? All of these questions can be answered with the help of the collected data and can thus be used to further develop the Zillertal's tourist offerings in the future.

Ronald Felder, Managing Director of Zillertal Tourismus GmbH, presented myZillertal's impressive sales and revenue increases: “While sales in the 2020 financial year were still in the 6-digit range, this year it is assumed that the 8-digit range will be reached at the beginning of the new year is. In the period from 01.05. By August 31, 2023, the booking platform recorded a year-on-year increase of 107% in orders, 196% in individual purchases and 245% in sales. The best-selling product in summer is the Zillertal Aktivcard, which generates around 56% of total sales. The fact that a total of 843 active companies are already offering a total of 765 different products via the application shows that we have taken the right path at the right time."

The top four main markets according to users and conversion rate (product purchase) are Austria, Germany, the Netherlands and Switzerland.

“Our goal was to not only limit digitalization to the ability to book accommodation, but also to make experiences and lift tickets available, thereby creating a virtual platform for everyone. “It was also important to us right from the start to have a broad inventory of tourism services so that everyone can find the service that suits them,” says initiator and idea generator Andreas Lackner, managing director of TVB Mayrhofen-Hippach, about the development and design of the booking platform . Since 2016, the organizational structure has become more professional, primarily due to the valley-wide commitment to the e-commerce platform and the associated close collaboration, which has led to increased sales.

Maria Pfister, owner of the Gielerhof Zell am Ziller winery, sees myZillertal as an advantage for small-scale businesses. “Right from the start, I was excited about the opportunity to make our products better known via the digital tool and thus increase our reach. App owners have an overview of what the entire valley has to offer on their mobile phone and can buy products and book experiences at any time.” For Pfister, the virtual marketplace is a flagship for excellent cooperation throughout the Zillertal.

Marko Fedrizzi, Managing Director of Zillertal Sports, also emphasized that the tool offers users convenience and enormously increases the reach for individual providers. “In addition, the platform in the back office offers us the opportunity to use various modules cheaply and professionally. We can advertise a product that is very target group-specific on a website that specializes in it, but process the entire booking including payment via myZillertal. On the one hand, this is effective and, on the other hand, it saves time and resources.”

Andreas Dengg, management of the Zillertaler Gletscherbahn, emphasized the advantage of the application for tourist businesses: “The app enables guests and locals to obtain services from the entire Zillertal directly on their smartphone, which also strengthens the added value on site. This makes planning activities and staying in the valley much more comfortable. Digital offers such as myZillertal are well received by customers and bookings of ski passes, for example, run smoothly.” In addition, the digital platform reflects the cohesion in the entire valley, as the company appears united to the outside world.

Further information at www.myzillertal.app

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