World Pro Ski Tour Partners With Discovered.Tv


he World Pro Ski Tour and, a global social network for emerging artists, musicians and other talent to monetize their content, announce a partnership that brings the first pro sports to the service. allows users to easily post multimedia content to connect and collaborate within a supportive community as they earn compensation from advertising revenue. The inclusion of the World Pro Ski Tour is the next step in the paradigm-shifting concept of and allows athletes to further monetize their talent. 

“The WPST is largely about giving pro skiers the opportunity to make a living doing what they love,” says Jon Franklin, CEO of the World Pro Ski Tour. “ shares this priority and extends it to all of their members, making them a great partner in support of deserving athletes, who can supplement their earnings and get in front of new potential sponsors by posting their videos.” offers a proprietary built in dashboard which allows Creators to post content and track their revenue in real-time, gaining insights into the multiple revenue streams associated with their content.

“We are thrilled to welcome World Professional Ski Tour to the platform,” states Charles Pankey, Co-Founder, “We know how much it means to future pro skiers around the world to be able to see and learn from their favorite pros – it’s so inspiring and builds a supportive community for emerging talent in all forms of entertainment, music, film, tv and now sports.”

globally connected digital platform and social network that generates revenue for Emerging Filmmakers, Musicians, and content Creators, serves as a hub for people to find, connect, and collaborate with fans and like-minded Creators all in one destination. Built on the Amazon Cloud, platform is free for Creators and its compensation system is supported by global advertising revenue.

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