Wintersteiger Launches Jupiter – The New King Of The Ski Service Universe.

With the Jupiter, a new fully automated servicing system for skis and snowboards, WINTERSTEIGER has taken a major step forwards in terms of development. The Jupiter's world debut was transmitted via livestream. WINTERSTEIGER is offering an opportunity to get to know the machine on several regional roadshow dates in the Alpine region.

With the Jupiter, WINTERSTEIGER – known for tailor-made automated ski service machines – offers the perfect customized solution for every shop and for every demand to fully cover all requirements. From small, entry-level service systems to maximum capacities with a throughput of over 70 pairs of skis per hour there is a Jupiter configuration to maximize efficiency and revenue. Five different processing modules, three feeding variants, and three application levels are available for different service requirements.

When asked about the Jupiter's highlights, Daniel Steininger, Head of the Sports business field, lists three completely new machine features first. The absolute highlight is the variable edge grinding with "V-Edge technology", as well as the "Trim Cut" side wall processing unit and digital ski recognition. “Our engineering department has done an outstanding job and satisfied many customer wishes,” he added.

Striving for innovation, always staying one step ahead, anticipating and helping to shape the future – this has distinguished WINTERSTEIGER for decades. With the new generation of Jupiter automated machines, we are taking you on a journey to a new world, where the latest innovative features improve snow sport service. From variable V-Edge tuning technology for the perfect ski experience to the new "Trim Cut" for sidewall planing to speed service, WINTERSTEIGER offers new solutions in the ski service universe.

Proven, best-in-class features, such as the Ceramic Disc Finish - the most precise and consistent edge available from man or machine - and the "paternoster" – the ski loading magazine that increases throughput compared to any other machine – have been retained or enhanced.
V-Edge for variable edge angles.

The best edge tuning improved! The edge is ground with variable angles in the tip and tail areas, and at a constant angle underfoot – on both the base edge and side edge. V-Edge works with the three performance categories that are also provided in the Tune Pilot, to provide tried and tested parameters efficiently and, optionally, with automatic ski recognition. Perfect edge grip and easy turning of the ski are combined for the ultimate skiing experience. V-Edge is available for the disc module and the polishing module.

Trim Cut for side wall removal.

With Trim Cut for automated sidewall removal, WINTERSTEIGER has achieved a total innovation! Trim Cut for skyving the sidewall is integrated in the first stone module and is automatically activated during the process. This ensures maximum efficiency in the subsequent edge tuning. But why is this pretreatment necessary? Protruding sidewall can negatively impact side edge tuning. Trim Cut eliminates the need for manual dressing or milling of the sidewall. This process protects the grinding disks and forms the basis for the high-precision edge grinding.

Digitization for automatic ski recognition.

Thanks to its modern technology, the Jupiter is able to automatically recognize skis and compare them with the data stored in the Easyrent rental software. The Jupiter then automatically activates the appropriate or saved edge grinding parameters. Alternatively, a QR code applied to the ski is scanned. The advantage of automatic ski recognition is personalized edge grinding without slow, manual attention required.
Combining the newest technology with refined, improved features leads to a whole new world of ski servicing!

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