Vallon Brings Back Classic Alpine Style To Performance Eyewear Market

Inspired by explorers, adventurers, and mountaineers of the past, the performance eyewear brand VALLON launches today in North America. Rooted in ski culture, VALLON combines old fashioned designs with high performance materials, celebrating alpine heritage with classic sunglasses and goggles.

Born in Verbier’s Vallon d’Arbi, the family-owned brand designs sunglasses for high alpine pursuits and pays homage to skiing’s past, all while giving back to the environment.

“VALLON celebrates the very best of mountain culture by resurrecting classic eyewear and updates the designs with state of the art materials,” says VALLON Co-Founder Marcus Franck. “Environmental stewardship is key to VALLON’s philosophy. When you buy a pair of VALLON sunglasses, a donation is made to collect and recycle 1 kg of plastic on your behalf. Using blockchain-technology, every donation is fully traceable to the exact person and location where the plastic is collected on your behalf.”


VALLON’s flagship product - the Heron Glacier Glasses - provide unrivaled protection for your eyes. Developed for skiing, ski touring, and high-altitude mountaineering, they are ultra-lightweight, impact resistant, and feature anti-fog and shatterproof lenses.

The Ski Aviators, VALLON’s newest offering, are a tribute to one of the most iconic ski sunglasses ever made. Originally championed by everyone from Jean-Claude Killy to Wayne Wong and Robert Redford, the Ski Aviators ooze 1970s mountain culture. With impact resistant nylon lens, non-petroleum based acetate frames, the Ski Aviators offer 100% UV protection and feature retro-style mirror coating.

For goggles, VALLON has developed The Freebirds™, which use a dual-layer spherical design that maximizes peripheral vision and optical clarity. The ultra-flexible TPU frame with triple-layer foam offers superior comfort. Freebirds™ are the ultimate testament to the combination of modern technologies with a 1970s-inspired look.


VALLON creates classic-looking shades made for sports and sold at a fair price, with every pair sold cleaning up plastic. 


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