Supersnow Celebrates 20th Birthday

Supersnow is celebrating its 20th anniversary. The family company SUPERSNOW is one of the leading manufacturers of snow guns and complete snowmaking systems and has become the clear market leader in Eastern Europe over the past 20 years. The innovative range of fan guns, complete snow-making systems and container snow solutions guarantees first-class snow quality and ensures a unique slope experience. All salespeople and service staff come directly from the industry and can refer to decades of experience on the mountain, in snowmaking or slope preparation. 

In addition to snowmaking, the Dziubasik family has been operating a ski area in Bialka Tatrzanska since 1983 with an associated hotel and thermal spa. In 2019, the group of companies generated consolidated sales of € 59 million and currently employs 560 people worldwide. 

They say:

20 years of perfect snowmaking, carried by the spirit of innovation - for SUPERSNOW both a look back and a look ahead. Why are we celebrating this anniversary? Because we want to say thank you. Our thanks go to our customers, partners and many ski enthusiasts all over the world. Your satisfaction has been our mission since the turn of the millennium.

The love for winter sports is in SUPERSNOW's DNA. When the family business started in Poland, it was not yet possible to estimate where the path would lead. “One thing was clear from the start: the goal was successful expansion. As the market leader in their home country, SUPERSNOW quickly switched to international gear. Today we can prove our passionate feeling for snow every year in more than 30 countries, in Europe and Asia ”, knows Oskar Schenk, CEO of SUPERSNOW Austria. “We have recognized that what counts on the international market is experience paired with passion and the pursuit of excellence. So SUPERSNOW has been a young company full of energy in years, but ripe with know-how for the production of technical snow, always under the aspect of resource conservation. We work hard every day as a full-service provider to continue to be top in the development of world-class snow-making systems in the future. We are characterized by flexibility, professionalism, reliability and operational perfection from the idea to after-sales management. Our teams develop the best solutions that are perfectly tailored to the needs of our existing and future customers ”.

“It is all the better today to be able to look positively into the future. The challenging year 2020 in particular shows how important a common, goal-oriented cooperation is. We are proud to provide these important impulses for the industry with our research activities and our investments in unique products and thus to enrich the international ski areas: Supersnow is at home on the slopes of the world, ”adds Schenk. "Our passion for our mountains, the Alps, the snow and winter sports in general make us a strong, highly motivated alternative on the market. What sets us apart is our high level of snow expertise and the pursuit of the best technical solutions and products, ”says Bartlomiej Sieka (CEO SUPERSNOW SA) with conviction. "We are always ready to go further extra miles - customer-oriented, with attention to detail and the highest quality standards. We enjoy thinking outside the box and always researching new things in order to further optimize snowmaking in the ski regions worldwide. Seen in this way, our foundation in 2000 was only the first milestone in the success story of SUPERSNOW ”.

For SUPERSNOW, every investment in technical snowmaking is a very targeted investment to optimize winter sports as an important economic factor with a long tradition - especially in the Alpine regions. “What are we already working on for the future? More important than ever is the issue of guaranteed snow while at the same time conserving energy and resources in terms of global climate change. This is the immediate challenge of the future. 20 years of SUPERSNOW. Done a lot. There is still a lot to do ”(Piotr Damian Dziubasik, President).

SUPERSNOW milestones:

  • 2000: The company was founded as a snowmaker service provider
  • 2005: Presentation of the first manual snow gun: SN 900M
  • 2008: Presentation of the first automatic snow gun: SN 900MA
  • 2009: Market development in Slovakia, Czech Republic, Switzerland
  • 2011: Presentation of the 600ECO, STS600, STS900 snow guns at the 1st INTERALPIN
  • 2015: Opening of the new headquarters in Maniovy (PL)
  • 2017: Market entry into the DACH region with the opening of a sales, service and logistics center in Roppen (Tyrol, Austria)
  • 2019: Already the 5th participation in the Interalpin - presentation of the world novelty 700HYBRID, as well as product launch of the control system SNOWMATIC V4. At the same time, the new subsidiary in Romania opens
  • 2020: Anniversary year - 20 years of SUPERSNOW


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