Sunkid Installs Three More Moving Carpets On The Feldberg

With a 76-metre-long Sunkid Moving Carpet last year, Feldberg (Germany) set the first milestone for an extensive beginner and family ski area at Seebuck. Now three more facilities will follow in the 2023/2024 season.

"Many guests come into contact with skis and snow for the first time on the Feldberg. We want to create an offer that is as low-threshold as possible for the so-called "first-touchers"," says Julian Probst, Managing Director of Feldbergbahnen GmbH. With the expansion of the publicly accessible beginners' area, which currently has three conveyor belts, beginners and children can make their first attempts in the snow easily, safely and without complications. "With one of the conveyor belts, we are also opening up a toboggan slope - an additional "non-ski" offer," says Probst.

As part of this extensive project, two state-of-the-art new Sunkid TYPE N product generation installations - 35 and 61 meters long - went into operation at Seebuck. In the adjacent Bambini area of the recently founded Ski School "Feldberg Sports", a 15-meter conveyor belt transports the youngsters.

Similarly equipped to the "F1 Seebuck" Moving Carpet, the F2 and F3 Evolus galleries on the conveyor belts ensure a comfortable ascent in all weathers. They cover the entrance and exit, the reversing station and the drive along the entire length of the ascent. Self-retracting PVC tarpaulins close the gallery securely in bad weather and at night so that the lift can be started up quickly and easily at any time.

The lift personnel monitor the system using cameras installed on the gallery arches. "In addition to the key requirement of maximum safety, reliability and ease of operation play a very important role for us. Our experience after two seasons has been consistently positive," reports Probst. "Our employees get on very well with the simple handling. The roof over the conveyor belts makes it easier to start up in the morning. When it snows, we don't have to shovel or sweep. We are delighted!"

Another highlight is the innovative Sunkid i-CONTROL electronics including HMI touch display. This is the heart of all new systems on the Feldberg, including the shortest new conveyor belt in the children's area of the "Feldberg Sports" Ski School. i-CONTROL is used for the basic operation of the system, supports the performance of regular checks, provides general information - from operating hours to troubleshooting help - and enables the setting of all functions and parameters.

Overall, Probst sums up: "The transportation figures and the positive feedback from guests have already proven that we have met our customers' wishes with this investment: With this investment, we have met the customer wishes of an important target group on the Feldberg!"

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