4000th Sunkid Moving Carpet Installed At The Hochzillertal Kaltenbach Ski Center

The Hochzillertal Kaltenbach skiing center has gained another highlight. 6 February 2024 saw the festive handover of the 4000th Sunkid Moving Carpet delivered worldwide. Millions of skiing beginners have benefitted from the “Moving Carpets” since they were invented as a modern skiing conveyor belt back in 1996. Sunkid GmbH, headquartered in Imst, is deemed the driving innovator and trendsetter in year-round tourism for children and families with its entire product range.

The “Moving Carpet” not only revolutionized ski school lessons. It has become a staple as a beginners’, feeder, and connecting lift as well as in many other capacities in skiing areas and leisure destinations around the world. Sunkid, an internationally active group of companies – headquartered in Imst, Tyrol – offers a broad product range for tourism regions, theme parks, and experience worlds, allowing Sunkid GmbH to live up to its vision of being “the first point of contact for leisure time attractions for children and families around the world”.

Sunkid’s two managing directors, Emanuel Wohlfarter (CEO) and Herbert Zopf (CTO), were in a celebratory mood at handover of the new system to managing director Maximilian Schultz and heads of operations Daniel Steinlechner and Christian Knapp.

The first few months of the main season and the Christmas weeks have already shown that this was the right step towards improving our overall offering and increasing quality, most of all for beginners and newcomers

“The new Moving Carpet has enabled us to further increase value in the children’s and beginners’ areas near the mountain station and raising them onto a new level. The system was integrated well into the present terrain and the slope and now directly connects to the mountain station exit of our feeder train on one level,” Maximilian Schulz rejoices.

At a length of 142 meters, the conveyor belt in the Hochzillertal Kaltenbach skiing center was implemented with the latest Type N generation technology. It offers roofed-over entry and exit areas with five emergency exits in the form of easy-to-open self-rolling tarpaulins and sports a custom design. The cameras installed on the gallery arches provide a great overview for the lift personnel, who are able to check on the facility this way. The new conveyor belt generation also sets standards in terms of maintenance and operation. The drive output of 22 kW enables a conveyor throughput of up to 1,650 persons per hour.

Sunkid's CEO said "28 years ago, we developed our Moving Carpet as a climbing aid for ski schools, since then, it has become a year-round transport solution for people, goods, boats, and tubes that is virtually unbeatable in terms of diversity of use."


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