Successful “Call Of Heroes” Trial Days For The Swiss Cable Car Industry

Two trial days took place at 50 Swiss cable car companies . Under the motto “Call of Heroes”, the cable car industry invited young people aged twelve and over to get an on-site insight into the apprenticeships of cable car mechatronics technician and cable car operator.

The aim of the trial days is to introduce young people to the apprenticeships of cable car mechatronics engineer EFZ and cable car operator EBA and to motivate them to become “Alpine Tech Heroes”. This is the name of the Swiss cable car industry's current youth campaign.

The professions of cable car mechatronics engineer EFZ or cable car operator EBA are varied with technical disciplines in mechanics, electrical engineering and hydraulics and offer interesting aspects of nature such as weather and avalanche knowledge as well as stable and long-term employment opportunities. “After completing their training, learners have the opportunity to continue their training to become cable car specialists and then take on the position of technical manager,” says Berno Stoffel, director of the Swiss Cable Car Industry Association. “Young people now also have the opportunity to complete their vocational qualifications during their apprenticeship. “These apprenticeships have far-sightedness,” continues Berno Stoffel.

The first implementation of the trial days can be considered a success. Over 150 young people followed the “Call of Heroes” and registered for the trial days. On Monday, March 18, 2024, the young people in the mountains received exciting insights into the world of cable cars.

“I am very interested in the diversity of this job, as both indoor tasks and work outside on the supports have to be done,” says M. Huber, who took part in the “Call of Heroes” in Central Switzerland.


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