St. Johann in Tirol Says Thanks

St. Johann in Tirol thanks the everyday heroes

In Germany and Austria there are the first easing of Corona rules and  some normality is comning back to everyday life back. A summer holiday is increasingly likely for guests. Certainly everyone ooks back and thinks of the people who  have been  special in the corona crisis. To these "corona heroes" St. Johann in Tirol would like  especially say thank you - with a total of 1,001 nights in the holiday region

The hero..

When you think of "corona heroes" it is probably first the doctors, the nursing staff in hospitals and nursing homes or the employees in supermarkets in mind. but beyond that, there are also the heroes that you might perceive only at second glance. Those who have supported senior citizens and neighbors  in recent weeks with purchases or those who have entertained with a guitar serenade in front of a nursing home residents. Or small heroes: Children who have given the dog of an elderly neighbor a walk.

All of these heroes, who have made creative use of time in recent weeks, so that the Community was a little better equipped to deal with the crisis  - it is they for who the action will start in 1001 nights. Those who have given other nice moments, to be gifted with beautiful holiday moments.

Tell the personal heroes of history and win a stay

And so the heroes get their gift ...

Who wants to win four nights in the St. Johann in Tirol for yourself and your partner or for the family (up to four people), can apply to telling their individual heroes tell stories and upload a picture. 

The Tourist Board of St. Johann in Tirol region then determines the winner, participation is possible up to 5 July 2020 .

Information and conditions of participation:

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