Ski Haus Jumps Into New Territories

Ski Haus announced they are reaching for higher peaks by opening their third store in Framingham, MA with the purchase of Summit Ski and Snowboard.

It was a happy coincidence that a mainstay business like Summit went up for sale around the same time Ski Haus was looking to expand. While Ski Haus' current locations in Salem, NH and Burlington, MA are successful in their own right, they wanted to expand to serve more local, outdoor lovers.

After discussions with Summit's Teddy Schiavoni, the Pillas knew it was time to take the leap. They fell in love with the Framingham community, including the store layout and its employees and customer base.

Summit has been a favorite ski shop in the Framingham community since 1998, serving customers through long New England winters with ski and snowboard gear and unparalleled customer service. Now, they're thrilled their legacy will continue through Ski Haus.

"It's funny how it's come full circle," said Schiavoni. "Ski Haus and the Pillas gave me my start at 15 years old. The confidence they showed allowed me to rise to Store Manager and eventually open a shop of my own. It's even more surreal that the Pillas are our buyers."

Ski Haus President Wayne Pilla said, "Teddy was one of our first hires …we were sad to see him move on…but not at all surprised he would take a tiny basement storefront and turn it into one of the premier ski shops in New England."

VP Steve Pilla added, "It's interesting to see that while both Ski Haus and Summit adapted each of our local businesses to thrive in modern times, some differences developed. What's truly exciting is knowing that exploring those differences is what will help us continue to meet all our customers' needs and create even better places to shop."

Both Ski Haus and Summit have won numerous awards, sharing titles such as Snowsports Industries of America's Retailer of the Year award and New England Ski and Snowboard Rep Association's Ski Shop and Snowboard Shops of the Year

Framingham Grand Opening

Ski Haus is sponsoring a free Grand Opening on Friday, October 11 at 6:30pm; where the whole family can enjoy the short-film, SHELTER, surrounding 5 friends who explore the Alps in a very up close and personal journey. Léo Taillefer, one of the 5 friends will also be live at the event for a meet and greet and Q&A. Bring the family and enjoy apps, beverages and beer sponsored by Exhibit 'A' Brewing Co.

Ski Haus opened their first store in Wilmington, MA in 1965 (since closed), sharing their love of skiing and snowboarding with the community. They found a similar pattern of consumer needs in Salem, NH and opened a shop in 1981 on S. Broadway and then again in Burlington, MA on Wheeler Ave in 2008.

While the name Ski Haus may at first glance only appear to recognize the snow season, the Pilla family also embraces and celebrates New England springs, summers and falls by offering high-quality, outdoor patio furniture under the name Patio Place at Ski Haus.

The Pillas like to say shopping local keeps jobs local and keeps the local economy churning and going strong.

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