Schilthornbahn Headquarters To Move To New Location

In the summer of 2021, after 50 years, Schilthornbahn AG is moving its headquarters from Interlaken to the new location in Stechelberg. The management, marketing and the Mürren office will be combined in the Stechelberg schoolhouse acquired in 2019. The originally planned Schilthorn Lodge project is not off the table. The 12-14 workplaces will one day be integrated into the new valley station of the SCHILTHORNBAHN20XX.
In the summer of 2021, Schilthornbahn AG will relocate its headquarters with management and marketing from Interlaken to the Stechelberg school building. The old school house acquired in 2019 will be remodeled and refreshed accordingly in the winter and spring months. The counter and souvenir shop at Höheweg 2 in Interlaken should be retained. This means that there is still a presence in a central location.
Change of location after 50 years
Since 1971 the head office of the railway company has been in Interlaken. Initially on Höheweg 95, since October 1982 at the current location. In addition to the management and marketing department, the Mürren office will be located at the new headquarters in Stechelberg. With this merger, previous location-specific duplication is to be eliminated and internal processes to be improved. The move should take place after the General Assembly by the end of June 2021. From July 1, 2021, 12-14 workplaces in Stechelberg will be grouped together close to the company and guests. In addition, the centralization and creation of a reservation center for trains, hotels and restaurants is planned in the medium term.
Decision matured over the years
The planned move has been planned for a long time. "The goal of this move is: closer to our guests and closer to the company", explains Christoph Egger, director of the Schilthornbahn. "This is not a quick fix due to Corona, but a decision that has matured over the years and an important step for the company," emphasizes Egger.
Project Schilthorn Lodge not off the table
With this move, the originally planned Schilthorn Lodge project in the Stechelberg schoolhouse did not die. The office space will one day be integrated into the new valley station of the SCHILTHORNBAHN 20XX. This means that the realization of the Schilthorn Lodge can be considered again at a later date.

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