PistenBully 600, First Greentech Model With Winch

After its career in the snow, the PistenBully 600 Polar GreenTech can handle a wide variety of tasks as a used vehicle thanks to its typical advantages – such as enormous thrust and low center of gravity. These tasks include clamping silage for biogas and dairy systems, mowing and mulching in difficult terrain, peat extraction and a wide range of dozing jobs.

Powerful, simple, efficient

Just as the PistenBully 600 Polar set new standards in the snow, the PistenBully 600 Polar GreenTech also stands out as an all-seasons machine on steep slopes and any terrain. At 490 metric HP, it provides maximum thrust at low engine speeds. Thanks to its easy operation, the operator distributes the material with outstanding speed. And the vibrating effect results in optimal compaction of the harvested crop.

A lot of innovation on board

For its diverse range of uses, the new PistenBully 600 Polar GreenTech comes with track widths from 780 mm up to 1648 mm (X-Track, combined and steel tracks). Increased payload thanks to a higher permissible overall weight and ROPS approval of 12.5 metric tons. To make maintenance and servicing easier, the entire vehicle is optimally sealed against plant matter, chafe and dirt.

The innovation: a winch!

The PistenBully 600 Polar GreenTech is the first vehicle to feature an optional 4-ton winch with 360° rotation for applications outside of the snow. This ensures outstanding traction, including for any tasks on steep slopes, such as plowing, mulching and mowing.

Versatility you are used to

The versatile vehicle concept allows you to use various blade models as well as an extremely wide range of implements and attachments such as mulchers, flailmower, tilting containers, forage wagons, lime and fertilizer spreaders, drilling units, hitch plates and much more. This turns the PistenBully 600 Polar GreenTech into a specialist for comprehensive nature care on sensitive environments.

Unbeatable in special operations

PistenBully GreenTech all-terrain vehicles are designed for the toughest applications in difficult terrain. Robust diesel engines ensure reliable and economical operation, and the hydrostatic drive offers a level of convenience not often found on work vehicles. Reliable and precise steering with a semi-circular steering wheel. Single-hand operation of additional equipment. Thanks to their extremely low ground pressure, PistenBully GreenTech vehicles can be used even on sensitive surfaces which will not support wheeled vehicles or where such vehicles cannot be used. The PistenBully GreenTech has a separate power pump, fitted as standard, for driving various attachments. Whether it’s a matter of transportation, work or mobility, if conventional vehicles cannot be used, the all-terrain specialists at Kässbohrer Geländefahrzeug AG will find a solution for almost any application. PistenBully GreenTech vehicles can be converted for specialist requirements of all kinds yet retain their tried-and-tested technical functionality, and there is always a dependable supply of original spare parts.

Tracks for every purpose

The wide range of different tracks and special features such as extreme climbing ability, enormous pushing power, low fuel consumption and reliability make PistenBully suitable for a wide variety of special applications. Wide tracks apply pressure so evenly to the ground that they can drive on soft surfaces without sinking in. With special narrow tracks, they have exactly the opposite effect - for example in silage applications: the vibrating effect ensures optimum compaction here

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