No Sweat! Isbjorn Of Sweden Makes Husky Base Layers Even More Sustainable

As part of its Green at Heart sustainable mission, Isbjörn of Sweden has removed all polyester from its Husky Base Layer range for Fall/Winter 2020, now replaced with sustainably sourced natural bamboo fibres. Available in the new North American webstore for the very first time this winter.

Isbjörn of Sweden is a strong believer in ‘slow fashion’ and combating the effects over-production of clothing has on the environment. Committed to making garments even more environmentally-friendly every season, it’s goodbye to polyester as natural bamboo fibres are added to the inside of its Husky Base Layer range, which is also made with Mulesing-free Merino wool as an outer material.

The natural blend of materials, including 49% Merino and 46% Bamboo, used in the Husky range offer the perfect balance of sustainable durability, function and softness. The Merino wool keeps children warm in cold weather and the natural bamboo fibre effectively wicks moisture from the skin for effective vapour transmission. The range is natural anti-odour and anti-bacterial. Isbjörn is certainly the master of moisture management!

The Husky range comprises a Husky Jumpsuit Base Layer for babies, Husky Sweater Base Layer and Husky Long John Base Layer for kids and teens. All quick-drying garments can be washed on a 40˚ cycle with no effect on performance and without pilling.

The Husky range is designed for comfort, not only from the materials used, but also the cut for a perfect fit. Husky Long Johns have a soft elastic in the waistline and extended height at the back for comfort perfection. Husky range is OEKO-TEX® Standard 100 approved. A globally uniform testing and certification system for textile raw materials, the standard oversees intermediate and end products at all stages
of production with the aim of completely eliminating harmful substances.

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