deuter, a global leader in backpacks and outdoor equipment, celebrates the ISPO Award 2024 win for its new Speed Lite Pro backpack series. Designed for ambitious, fast-paced hikers, the Speed Lite Pro prioritizes lightweight construction and exceptional comfort without sacrificing essential features.

With the newly revised Speed Lite Pro, backpack specialist deuter has developed a particularly lightweight speed hiking backpack for all those who want to travel ultra-lightly, quickly and comfortably in the mountains and who attach great importance to the backpack's stability. The vest-shaped, perforated shoulder straps, snug hip fins, continuously adjustable chest strap and the new LiteAir back system ensure high comfort, a secure fit and maximum ventilation when hiking at speed. With integrated ventilation channels, the LiteAir offers the ideal combination of low weight, high stability and good ventilation. Practical pockets on the shoulder straps and hip fins, and quick-release pole attachments allow quick access without removing the pack.

Deuter combines the highest performance standards with sustainable materials. The main fabric of this PFAS-free backpack is made from 100% recycled polyamide. The Speed Lite Pro is also a bluesign, Green Button and ClimatePartner certified product. To save weight and resources, all features have been reduced to the essentials. The whole pack weighs just 680 grams (Speed Lite Pro 25). The women's Speed Lite Pro 28 SL weighs 740 grams.

deuter has a long tradition of developing women's SL versions of its backpacks. The Speed Lite Pro will also be available in a women's version. deuter's SL back systems are tailored to the female anatomy and are shorter. The narrower SL shoulder straps also have a pronounced S-shape, soft rounded edges and narrow ends for a perfect fit in the shoulder area. Finally, the SL hip fins are tapered to fit the female anatomy.

The Speed Lite Pro is available for women (SL models) in sizes 17 litres, 23 litres and 28 litres. The regular models are available in 19, 25 and 30 litre sizes. The pack will be available in black, lotus-mystic and mineral-grove in spring 2025.

This convinced the jury:

  • Particularly lightweight, breathable and comfortable
  • Simple and practical features
  • Easily accessible pockets and fastening options without having to remove the backpack
  • Consistent women's version
  • The backpack is available in different sizes as a men's and women's version.

Johannes Braun, Product Manger, deuter said "We at deuter are proud to introduce our new Speed Lite Pro range. The outstanding features of our Speed Lite Pro models can best be described in three words: 'super light, sustainable and optimised comfort'. Thanks to our new LiteAir back system, they not only offer improved ventilation, but also optimised weight distribution and a weight reduction of around 10%. In addition, other features have been incorporated to allow easy access to the essentials, so you can save energy and enjoy the outdoors to the full".

What the jury said:"Comfortable and stable backpacks are particularly important for speed hiking. The new Speed Lite Pro impresses with its great fit, good ventilation and low weight."

The Speed Lite Pro (MSRP $120-140) will be available in sizes 17SL, 19L, 23SL, 25L, and 28SL. The pack achieves its award-winning performance through a combination of key features

  • Unmatched Comfort and Stability – Wide, breathable shoulder straps, comfortable hip fins, and an adjustable sternum strap create a secure, load-bearing fit that minimizes strain on the shoulders and back.
  • Quick Access on the Move – Strategically placed pockets on the shoulder straps and hip fins keep essentials like water, snacks, and navigation tools readily available.
  • Ultralight Design for Efficiency – The new LiteAir back system minimizes the weight to an impressive 1lb 8oz for the 25L.
  • Sustainable Innovation – deuter prioritizes environmental responsibility and offers a lifetime warranty on all products. The Speed Lite Pro collection is a bluesign product, Green Button certified, Climate Partner certified, and PFAS free.

"Comfortable and stable backpacks are particularly important for speed hiking. The new Speed Lite Pro impresses with its great fit, good ventilation and low weight,” says the IPSO Award Jury.

From backpacking to mountain biking, alpinism, and travel, to child-carrying and family adventures, deuter crafts highly functional, comfortable, and environmentally friendly packs for everyone and everywhere. With over 120+ years of experience, deuter has played a vital role in shaping the culture of mountain adventure since its 1898 founding in Germany. deuter inspires every new generation to get outside and experience mountain adventures the way they want to.

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