KPMG & Norwegian Alpine National Team Propose Competition Calender Changes

KPMG, together with the Norwegian Alpine National Team, is proposing measures that can improve athletes' safety and health, and reduce Co2 emissions by 29 per cent.

Among other things, it is proposed that the World Cup should start later and in the USA, the WC be organized later in the season, and that the competitions be placed more in geographical clusters.


The report has today been submitted to the International Ski and Snowboard Association (FIS).

"We hope that this initiative can lead to factors such as athlete and coach welfare, as well as emissions being put higher on the agenda internationally, and that the sport's financial future is seen in a more long-term perspective than before, says sports manager for alpine skiing" said Claus Ryste.

In a season with several injuries, athletes have advocated for changes, among other things, to reduce the burden of travel.

The Ski Association's extensive mapping of Co2 emissions from the national teams' travel activities showed large variations between the branches, much as a result of the number of athletes and size of support equipment and the composition of the World Cup calendars.

The alpine country teams alone accounted for an emission of 523 tonnes of Co2 equivalents, of which 80 per cent comes from air travel. The measures in the report can reduce the men's alpine team's total travel emissions by approx. 29% and the women's team's emissions with approximately 14 per cent.

"Better athlete welfare and reduction of CO2 emissions go hand in hand. Together with KPMG, we have done the best we can with the data base we have available, but we welcome all input. We do not say that we have the final conclusion, but we want to inspire and initiate a necessary dialogue and discussion about the future of our sport. A better data base that KPMG has now helped us with is hopefully just the start of an important process that we must solve together", says Ryste.

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