Elan Promotes Work Of Their W Studio

Elan is activelt prmoting the work of their W studio which leads on the development of their women's skis. they say"

"Women and girls are passionate about skiing too, but we tend to perceive the experience slightly different. For us, it's a combination of sporting pleasure, good company, joy in the snowy outdoors and, last but not least, an expression of fashion and beauty. That does not mean that we are not also interested in those primal feelings that skiing brings. We recognize and feel the action of a ski, become one with our skis, and carve perfect turns. We too enjoy the sensation of speed and the wind blowing against our faces. Therefore, we have been designing skis specifically for women at Elan for the better part of two decades. The company created the W Studio, a group of enthusiastic women skiers who work together to imagine new, innovative products time and time again. In fact, we were likely the first ski manufacturer to develop and produce women's skis in such a systematic way. Now we offer products aimed at women skiers in all segments and in all ski lines, and we are immensely proud of it.


It is a common misconception that women's skis are not equal to men's skis and that they are not as technologically sophisticated. On the contrary, women's skis are equivalent in construction and designed with the same technologies as men’s skis. We offer women's models in all segments and product lines, and we use all the latest technologies and the best materials. The core difference is the weight; women's skis are slightly lighter, in part due to the binding and binding plates, along with a few other key construction details. The mounting point of the binding is also adapted slightly for the female anatomy. Those are the only tangible differences. Women's skis offer female skiers the exact same level of performance and satisfaction, and the guiding philosophy behind their design is to enhance skiing enjoyment.


It is true that people still buy skis with their eyes, so graphics are an integral part of the design process. That's why we keep a close eye on fashion and design trends. We keep our fingers on the pulse of what's happening in sports, fashion, arts, and culture. Of course, we also identify the colors that are most popular each year... When we design a product line we don't just think about the color of a particular model, we also want the skis of a particular series to fit together and, finally, to be perfectly aligned with the rest of the Elan brand, bearing the characteristic Elan design elements. We always walk around with our eyes open, looking at details. Not just on the slopes, but also in metropolises like Shanghai and New York. These are two cities that the world looks to for inspiration, that constantly create dynamic new trends that are reflected everywhere in popular culture.


It is essential to us that women make women’s skis. This is the foundation of W Studio and the approach we have taken from the very beginning. The creation of Elan skis for women is entrusted to a group of active girls and women who are closely tied to skiing and have dedicated their lives to it in many different ways. In addition to the core design group, we also have a group of female ambassadors that we meet with often in focus meetings to review new graphics, discuss trends, and exchange ideas. This continuous creative process has proven to be remarkably successful. The girls come from distinct parts of the world and diverse cultures, allowing our products to exude openness, diversity, and multiculturalism.


For the past few years, we have been making skis for the Black Edition series. Black is the richest color; it goes with all colors of clothing, and it has unparalleled staying power because black never goes out of style. Black skis are like the essential little black dress, and they are at the top of our range. Our current Black Edition line includes the Wildcat and Ripstick. The skis feature distinct graphic elements that emphasize their exclusivity using an interplay of gloss and matte elements that give the skis a commanding presence. The finishing of the skis is key, and it shows our conviction that it’s the intricate details that make the decisive difference. Black Edition skis are the icing on the cake for designers, as they’re a platform where we can let our imagination run wild.


Each Elan ski bears the inscription "Handcrafted in the Slovenian Alps". These few words speak volumes, as the mountains are an eternal source inspiration for all ski enthusiasts. Especially for those who fell so deeply in love with skiing, that they have dedicated their entire lives to making new and better performing skis. Elan’s W Studio team is made up of enthusiastic female skiers who bring a generous dose of female energy and femininity to these products. But the feminine principle does not stop at the development stage. It is present throughout the entire process of creating a ski, so that W Studio skis are designed with a feminine touch. The process begins with an idea and continues with putting designs and concepts on paper. This is the beginning of the journey of an idea towards a tangible final form. Every stage is guided by women’s thoughtfulness, aesthetic, and feeling. Last, but not least, the skis are physically made by the hands of women."

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