Elan Launches Elite 'Black' Collection

Ask an architect about their favorite color. It is bound to be black. There is even a book titled “Why do architects wear black”. Ask the New Zealand rugby team. The response is the same - black. Thanks to them New Zealand’s most famous sailboat was named Black Magic. It is also hardly surprising that Roger Federer, the be‍st tennis player of all time, has been wielding an all black racquet for the past few seasons. Black also inspired American sculptor Louise Nevelson: "I fell in love with black, it contained all color. It wasn't negation of color ... Black is the most aristocratic color of all ... You can be quiet, and it contains the whole thing." Her affection for black is shared by famed Belgian fashion designed Ann Demeulemeester: “For me black is not dark, it's poetic. I don't think of gothic, I think of classic – it is a big difference." And it is true. Black is deep, striking, elegant and neutral. It is a color that matches all other colors while standing just as well on its own. In short, black is the color of all colors.

The power of black is no secret to designers of automobiles, boats, furniture, clothing, fashion accessories and, of course, also skis. Particularly the latter cr‍eate an interesting visual effect. When a perfectly black ski slices across the virgin white snow, it creates that classic contrast of black versus white, day and night, the moon and the sun.


Elan skis are characterized by innovation and advanced technological solutions that have changed the course of alpine ski development several times over the years, but their design is much more than a mere afterthought. In visual terms Elan skis are easily among the most striking. Their beauty is in step with current trends, but it is based on a timeless classic appeal. You only need to look at a few seasons old ‍set of skis to see that they still look mighty fine. As far as the classic models from several decades ago are concerned, well those are simply timeless.

The limited Black Edition series is an embodiment and an evolution of these ideas. Delight Black Edition, Amphibio Black Edition, and Ripstick 96 Black Edition are simply gorgeous skis. The Black label does not mean they are simply painted black. That would just be too easy. In terms of color palette they are, of course, black, but if you take a closer look, you will see different shades and textures shining through. A combination of gloss and matte black with the distinctive weave of carbon fiber shining through creates a stunning effect. The women’s model is adorned with black Swarovski crystals for that unique combination of luxury and power. In the words of designer Blaž Medja, part of the Gigodesign team and one of the minds behind this unique approach: “The Black Edition skis appear completely black at first sight. The details only appear at a closer look. Design elements in combination with a matte base and gloss coat emphasize the form of the skis while the carbon top sheet elements showcase the technology within.” But that is only the visual part.

The inner workings are quite a bit different as well. The skis have been reworked with premium materials that further improve their characteristics.

Tubelite Woodcore technology includes two exceptionally light carbon tubes inserted into the laminated woodcore. The tubes cr‍eate greater torsional stability and increase response and power with zero weight penalty. Carbon fiber is also used for the binding plate, creating a more energetic flex pattern and adding some height for that extra edge hold.

Delight Black Edition
High fashion for the slopes

The Delight Black Edition is a fusion of elegance, fashion and performance. The already feather-light skis have been reinforced with carbon fiber to enhance their class leading response and control. And then there is the design. Stunning all black, embellished with Swarovski crystals. They are timeless elegance personified.

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Amphibio Black Edition
All mountain performance

The Amphibio Black Edition is an upgrade of the award winning Amphibio 16 ski. They are based on revolutionary Amphibio 4D technology that creates a dedicated left and right ski with varying convex profiles on the tips and concave profiles on the tails. The Black Edition is reinforced with carbon fiber for even greater torsional stability and response. These skis will keep you charging all day from the fresh groomers in the morning to the soft bumps of the late afternoon.

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Ripstick Black Edition
Be‍st of both worlds

The Ripstick series have won many awards around the globe. These true all mountain skis bring leading performance in fresh powder and icy hardpack. Now the carbon fiber infused Ripstick Black Edition is even more responsive and precise and has the versatility and all-round power to conquer any mountain.

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