Elan Athletes Release 'Just Ride' Movie

At the start ‘Just Ride’ was Maël’s idea. He loves to share moments in the mountains with his friends. Maël noticed that we don’t necessarily all practice the same discipline but that very often, the passion for the mountains is the same. In the morning when we get up we all have the same motivation, bursting with energy on days with good weather and good snow. So Maël gathered a team of friends; Théo on a bike and Louis on a Paraglider, who enjoyed going to the mountains for fun.



Born and raised in Val d'Allos in the Southern Alps of France, Maël competes on the Freeride World tour and enjoys every single day outside on the slopes.

He quit the discipline for something more fun; freestyle skiing. He knew he always enjoyed powder days and Freeride experiences, so he made a comeback to competition on the FWQ circuit. In 2020 he won the overall FWQ and qualified for the Freeride World Tour which only selects the 24 best freeskiers in the world.

His best results were in 2021 with a 2nd place at the Freeride World Tour Andorra's stop and thanks to a strong early season, he was leading the tour (yellow bib) at mid-season.

Now at the age of 27, he is happy to reach that goal and claim his place beside the best skiers in the World. He still enjoys every single day of skiing, spending most of his time at his home mountain of Val d'Allos with friends, but still travels the world in search of great skiing with friends.



Maël used the Ripstick 116 (193cm) for all the freeriding parts. These are the most powerful and wide skis, designed for high speed, big air, and powder. These were also Maël’s ski of choice for competing on the Freeride World Tour.

He also used the all-new Playmaker 101 Factory Edition for other parts of the movie, as it's the best tool for shredding, on piste or in the park, while having fun. Thanks to their shape and 101mm waist width it's also a versatile ski which can go off piste. Its why Louis used it during his paragliding flight. The ski is perfectly adapted thanks to their playful behavior, lightweight and go anywhere capabilities.

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