Eastern Swiss Cable Car Association Holds Course In Malbun, Lichtenstein

Course leader André Huser opened the 8th OSVS cable car course at the JUFA Hotel Malbun with a pleasingly large turnout.

  • The course was moderated by Patrick Inauen, CEO of Inauen-Schätti AG. Using concrete examples, the participants from the member companies received in-depth technical and operational knowledge as well as information on the latest legal developments.
  • Elias Zimmerli from Seilbahnen Schweiz (SBS) communicated the latest news from the industry and informed about the current issues facing the federal government in Bern (including the Disability Equality Act, occupational health and safety, blueYAGI device). The speaker used an interactive survey function to find out in advance which topics were particularly popular with the course participants. "Maintenance during ongoing operations" was one of the most important topics, including how employees should be able to carry out their work even more safely in the future when carrying out lubrication work on the supports of aerial tramways. The topic of "shortage of skilled workers in the field of technical managers" will be addressed again at SBS. The course is based on existing studies and informative information from neighboring countries.
  • Christoph Blättler from Frey AG Stans gave an overview of how to deal with older generations of controls and explained what is meant by the service life/life of machines and systems. It is generally recommended that the control system be replaced halfway through the decade-long life of the mechanical components of a cable car. It is also advisable to talk about replacing the control system for IKSS (e.g. ski lifts), because individual components are also hardly available there anymore and can at best reduce the availability of the system.
  • René Ackermann, CEO of the Palfries cable car ( https://lnkd.in/e-Nq-XQy ), gave an interesting short presentation on the process of the reservation and booking system introduced two years ago - from specification to commissioning. He presented a successful solution that could be of interest to one or another company.
  • Robert Büchel, CEO of Malbun Bergbahnen ( https://www.bergbahnen.li/ ) concluded the official part of the cable car course with the presentation of the Malbun destination and the explanations of the challenging infrastructure projects (optimization of snowmaking, refit of Sareis, second route from Sarais to Malbun village, modernization of infrastructure in the Täli area, photovoltaics).

Following the cable car course, there was a lively exchange of experiences between the speakers and the course participants. This took place over an aperitif offered by Inauen-Schätti AG, Schwanden. The OSVS would like to thank everyone involved.


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