Doppelmayr Develops Bike Carrier Kit For Chairlifts

Doppelmayr has developed an innovative bike carrier assembly specially for the transportation of mountain bikes. It is comprised of three main components: bike clip, clip carrier and bike stabilizer. The individual parts are made of high-quality aluminum and are ideal for transporting bikes with a wheel size of 24”–29” in combination with the special mountings. When the biker inserts the front wheel of the bike between the pivot-mounted upper arm and the rigid lower arm, the cradle is moved by the self-weight of the mountain bike, causing the bike clip to fix the wheel in position. The sturdy, sophisticated mechanism and design enable top safety and optimal comfort for the carriage of bikes and riders.
Suitable for bikes with the following specifications:
  • Weight up to 25 kg
  • Wheel size between 24” and 29”
  • Tire width up to 12 cm
  • Without fenders – MarshGuard possible
  • Bikes are loaded and unloaded by the passengers, thus less personnel expenses
  • High transport capacity possible as several bike clips can be fixed to the back of the chair
  • Long service life
  • Low maintenance
  • First-class anticorrosion protection
  • Space-saving storage of clips possible
  • Also suitable for fat-tire bikes


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