Dolomiti Superski Plans Covid Measures To Ensure Highest Possible Level Of Safety

Dolomiti Superski has developed a series of organisational and logistical rules, as well as economic protections, which are explained in the following. Their policy is entitled "We Care About You"

Season ski passes and multi-day tickets
The lockdown in March 2020 surprised everyone - including Dolomiti Superski. In the meantime, the ski carousel and its individual ski areas have offered last year's season ski pass holders appropriate measures to compensate for the abruptly ended winter season 2019-20.
For the upcoming 2020-21 winter season, Dolomiti Superski has now prepared a guarantee system that, with full transparency, protects those who decide to buy a season ski pass or a multi-day pass again. Anyone who decides to buy a Dolomiti Superski season ski pass again can withdraw from the contract if the lifts are closed for at least 14 consecutive days, both in the entire ski region and in one of the 12 ski areas, in this case if the Customer is resident in one of the relevant municipalities or is on vacation there. Within 30 days from the entry into force of the lockdown, the customer can assert a right of withdrawal, provided that he has not yet reached 40 days of skiing, by filling out an online form. The refund is initiated and the ski pass is deactivated immediately. Alternatively, the customer can keep their ski pass active and continue skiing in the open ski areas until the end of the season. In this case there is no refund. 
From December 15, 2020 and then every 15 days up to the last possible date on April 1, 2021, the amount of the refund of the Dolomiti Superski season ski pass will be adjusted in relation to the remaining duration of the season. Example: included in the event of a lockdown within December 15, 2020, a refund of 85% of the ski pass price paid by the customer will be made. The next adjustment will take place on December 31st, so from January 1st the refund will be 70%. So until April 1, 2021, the day from which the refund is 0%. Refunds will be made via bank transfer. 
Details about the conditions and time thresholds will soon be available here . A similar right of withdrawal is also granted to holders of multi-day passes for Dolomiti Superski. In addition to the two cases mentioned above, also with documented positivity for the SARS-CoV-19 virus and in the case of a quarantine regulation. In these cases, the days of skiing that cannot be used according to the price list for multi-day ski passes will be reimbursed. Example: the guest buys a 6-day ski pass, on the third day the cessation of operations is ordered. The price of the 2-day ski pass is deducted from the price of the 6-day ski pass and the rest is refunded.
Expansion of the online shop
The motto “We care about you” is also reflected in the efforts of Dolomiti Superski to make access to the lifts and slopes as direct and convenient as possible for guests. For this reason, the online shop on the website has been redesigned and the possibility has been created to be able to buy almost all types of ski passes online in order to avoid queues at the cash desks and thus avoid crowds as much as possible. From mid-November, season ski passes including compensation measures for the canceled 2019-20 winter season, multi-day ski passes and tickets for juniors and seniors will be available online. These can - if the ski pass holder already has them - either be loaded directly onto the MyDolomiti Skicard, or with the voucher at the digital lanes in the ski pass offices (where available) or at the lift ticket offices. As a third option, there are more than 50 ticket boxes in all 12 ski areas, where vouchers can be redeemed quickly and conveniently away from the queues at the cash desks. 
Hotel ski pass service
The well-established “Hotel Skipass Service” offer from Dolomiti Superski is again gaining in importance: Here, the guest can buy the ski pass of his choice online via the website. Afterwards, both he and his host will receive a voucher that the host can redeem in the ski pass office or at a ticket box. The guest will find his ski pass in the hotel room upon arrival. In addition, the hosts will proactively promote the online purchase of ski passes to their guests as part of their booking correspondence.
The new skiers map
Both in the new APP from Dolomiti Superski and on the 3D ski map on the website, the guest will find the innovative Skiers Map, which shows the visitor frequency at the lifts. The tool measures the utilization percentage of the lift in the time, so that the user can estimate the waiting times and choose the best time to use the lift. Queues and crowds can thus be avoided more easily.
Vacation calendar
Based on the data of the past five years, Dolomiti Superski can provide the expected visitor frequencies for all days of the winter season in tabular form. So the guest can plan their own vacation accordingly and avoid the peak days.
Lift facilities
The guidelines that regulate the operation of the lifts fall within the competence of the state, regional or - in the case of autonomous provinces - the state authorities. These institutions may issue provisions on possible access modalities, the use of personal protective measures, distance rules, disinfection of the facilities, etc., which Dolomiti Superski will implement accordingly and inform the guests about them.
Regulation of waiting times at the lifts
The regulations during the waiting time at the lift stations are also the responsibility of the competent authorities. In any case, Dolomiti Superski sensitizes its member companies so that they can take appropriate measures of their own accord to guarantee compliance with the distance rules where possible and, if necessary, encourage the wearing of the protective mask, in the interests of the guests and in line with the motto “We care about you ”.
Participation of the guests
None of these measures will ever be effective - without the contribution of the guests and their strict adherence to the rules of conduct. Dolomiti Superski will provide appropriate information material at the points of direct customer contact (cash registers, lift access, parking lots, etc.) as well as play explanatory motion graphics on the giant screens at the lift stations in order to sensitize the skiers.

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