Diversity Day Goes Pop At Pats Peak On Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Monday, January 17, 2022

PATS PEAK announces its 21st annual Diversity Day Goes POP to be celebrated on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, Monday, January 17, 2022 starting at 4pm to 9pm. Diversity Day Goes POP-PAY ONE PRICE, offers skiing, snowboarding, snowtubing, rentals and lesson tips for one price.

Diversity Day Goes POP is a fun night to enjoy some time on the slopes and celebrate the work, spirit and vision of Martin Luther King. This winter fun event commemorates the importance of diversity, nondiscrimination, and freedom.

Group discounts for Diversity Day Goes POP are available for 15 or more people starting at 1pm. Contact PATS PEAK Group Sales in advance at 1-888-PATS PEAK, ext. 106 or email groupsales@patspeak.com in advance for all the details.

“Our dream for Diversity Day is to provide the atmosphere and a program that will encourage you to bring individuals skiing, snowboarding and tubing who may believe that this is a sport out of their reach.," says Kris Blomback, Pats Peak General Manager.

Part of the day’s celebration includes 130+ Youth Enrichment Services (YES) kids skiing and snowboarding at Pats Peak in the afternoon and then taking part in the festivities in the early evening.

For more information on Diversity Day Goes POP, go online to the Diversity Day Goes POP page.

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