Crystal Ski Develops App To Work Out What You Work Off On The Slopes

Want to find which winter sport is the best way to burn calories quicker? Leading skiing holiday provider, Crystal Ski Holidays have analysed the top winter sports. To see the full graphic, click here.

With winter approaching, snuggling up on the sofa and opening your favourite packet of crisps seems like a great idea - but how can we shed the pounds after all those delicious treats? Well if you take a trip to the Alps each year, or are a newbie to winter sports, skiing may be one of the ways to work out whilst having fun. Hitting the slopes isn’t all about boozy nights, snow and raclette - in fact, you can burn around 588 calories per hour whilst skiing, which is 51 calories more than running on a treadmill on average.

What Could You Burn?

With most people indulging more than usual in the winter period, which winter sport lets you burn the most calories whilst having the most fun? Here are the top three calorie burners:

  • Speed Skating - Hitting the ice rink may be one of the best decisions you make this year, as you can burn up to 1,260 calories for men and 1,035 calories for women in just one hour. Â With the average person only burning around 240 - 355 calories in the gym in 30 minutes, speed skating triples this in just an hour. If you went speed skating for 5 hours, you could burn more than 6 medium sized McDonald’s Big Mac meals, which comes in at a whopping 6,090 calories. Â Â
  • Cross Country Skiing - A popular pastime for many who enjoy the winter sun, cross country skiing is both fun and challenging and can burn around 756 calories per hour. Working a number of muscles to travel over the snowy terrain, men could burn off over two portions of tartiflette, around five pints of beer or nearly four glasses of mulled wine in an hour. Women burn around 621 calories, meaning they can burn around two portions of fondue (200g), over four pints of beer or four glasses of mulled wine.
  • Ice Hockey - This one isn’t for the faint hearted, an incredibly fast-paced game, this sport can burn around 672 calories an hour for men and around 552 calories for women. This equates to around two portions of raclette or fondue and around four beers or three glasses of mulled wine. Whilst the amount of calories burned are a lot less compared to speed skating, ice hockey is a great sport to learn or play with a group of friends.

Chris Logan, Managing Director of Crystal Ski Holidays commented “We tend to eat more during the winter periods, with changes in temperature and fewer daylight hours we crave carbs and sweet treats that put us in a good mood.

“Whilst analysing the data for our Earn Your Apres tool, we noticed not only do a number of winter sports burn a considerable amount of calories, but they’re also a great way to work various muscles - all whilst having fun. Many may think of skiing holidays as luxury chalets, indulgent food and lots of alcohol, but skiing is, in fact, a great way to keep active and healthy with your family or friends.”

Have a click through the tool here.

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