Cosinuss Promotes Cutting Edge Technology In Mountain And Piste Rescue

Cosinuss° equips the Upper Austrian mountain rescue service and the piste rescue service of the Feuerkogel cable cars with the smallest and lightest patient monitoring.

The Upper Austrian mountain rescue service and the piste rescue service of the Feuerkogel cable car, a location of the Dachstein Salzkammergut cable car, are setting new standards in the care of accident victims: They are the first mountain and piste rescue services in Europe to equip their teams with the innovative and ultra-light patient monitoring technology from Cosinuss° – a small but powerful technology that revolutionizes mobile patient monitoring.

Continuous monitoring – in your pocket

With the Cosinuss° in-ear sensor, c-med° alpha, the mountain rescuers receive a compact, lightweight multi-parameter sensor that they can carry in their pocket and use in combination with their smartphones. The c-med° alpha not only measures the patient's pulse rate, oxygen saturation and body temperature, but also provides important additional information such as the perfusion and quality index. Thanks to the continuously visible PPG signal in the cosinuss° Health app, the mountain rescuers can carry out precise monitoring. Weighing just 6.5 g, measuring 4.5 cm and using wireless Bluetooth transmission, the sensor is not only extremely light, but also easy to use.

The ear as an ideal measurement location for vital parameters

Choosing the external auditory canal as a measurement location offers decisive advantages over conventional methods such as finger measurements. Due to its location, constant blood flow and central positioning, the auditory canal enables more precise and reliable recording of vital parameters. In addition, the proximity to the brain can be crucial for the interpretation of the measured values.

Proven and sought-after technology

The Cosinuss° technology has already proven itself in numerous studies and pilot projects, in addition to the remote monitoring of patients, especially in the field of mountain and air rescue. "We are very pleased about the new partnership with the Upper Austrian Mountain Rescue Service and the piste rescue of the Feuerkogel cable cars, which is provided by the Ebensee and Traunkirchen local branches of the Upper Austrian Mountain Rescue Service. "We are proud that our innovative technology can help to make the work of mountain rescuers easier and improve the care of those who have had accidents," says Dr. Johannes Kreuzer, CEO of cosinuss°. Dr. Tobias Huber, state doctor and deputy federal doctor, agrees: "We are pleased with our decision to integrate the cosinuss° technology firmly into our equipment and to train our teams accordingly. In this way, we can further improve our patient care and provide even more efficient assistance in the event of an accident or illness in impassable, alpine terrain."

About the Feuerkogel cable cars

The Feuerkogel cable cars and the mountain rescue service in Ebensee and Traunkirchen are one of four test regions in Austria to test the use of Cosinuss° technology in piste service across the entire rescue chain, from the emergency site to hospital admission, in order to ensure seamless monitoring of patient vital data.

Cosinuss GmbH is a certified medical device manufacturer based in Munich that specializes in the mobile and continuous monitoring of various vital parameters. With more than 15 years of research and development, numerous patents and medically certified products, cosinuss° is a pioneer and hidden champion in the field of mobile and continuous vital parameter monitoring. Cosinuss° follows the vision of revolutionizing the monitoring and recording of vital data in the healthcare system - with the aim of improving treatment and thus the lives of patients and providing the tools to make the healthcare system more efficient and effective.

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