Comprehensive Ropeway Revitalization In Italy: LEITNER Sets New Standards

LEITNER is setting new standards for comprehensive ropeway revitalization in Italy with a total of eleven new installations. The start of this modern, environmentally friendly, and innovative transportation era was marked by the opening of the new 10-passenger gondola lift GD10 "Plosebahn" in summer 2023. Following this, nine renowned ski resorts introduced highlights such as underground stations and VIP cabin Diamond EVO with glass floor, offering a unique and unforgettable ride experience.

Particular attention was paid to overall planning and the maximum protection of existing conservation zones when building the GD10 "Plosebahn" in the Brixen-Plose ski area. Designed for year-round operation, this new gondola lift not only transports winter sports enthusiasts but also bikes and mountain carts during the summer. Its fully automated loading and unloading system at the valley and mountain stations sets it apart from any other lift in the world.

In the Campiglio Dolomiti di Brenta ski area, one of Trentino's largest ski areas, LEITNER is replacing an existing chairlift from the 1980s with the 10-passenger gondola lift GD10 "Prà Rodont - Doss del Sabion". This new installation, complete with LEITNER DirectDrive, features 53 Premium Cabins Diamond EVO with panoramic doors and a VIP cabin with a glass floor, capable of transporting up to 2,800 passengers per hour. The installation's two underground stations, only revealing their entrances, exits, and access tunnels to skiers and hikers, make it especially unique.

The Colere Ski Area in the province of Bergamo has commissioned LEITNER to build a 10-seater gondola lift and a 6-seater chairlift. The GD10 "Carbonera", equipped with 30 Diamond Cabins, will transport up to 1,700 passengers per hour and act as a feeder lift from the valley to the higher-altitude lifts. Additionally, the new CD6 "Malga Polzone" 6- seater chairlift, starting next to the gondola lift, will carry 2,400 passengers per hour and lead up to "Cima Bianca".

The 10-passenger gondola lift GD10 "Babyexpress" in the Andalo ski resort in Trentino is designed specifically for ski schools. With a length of just 414 meters, it is the most compact and shortest gondola lift that LEITNER has ever built.

A new 6-seater chairlift, powered by LEITNER DirectDrive, has been constructed for the upcoming season in the Pontedilegno-Tonale ski resort. The CD6C "Valena", featuring weather protection hoods and Premium Chair EVO with seat heating, offers a significant increase in comfort compared to its 2002 predecessor, with a transport capacity of 3,000 passengers per hour.

LEITNER also built 4-seater chairlifts in the ski region Civetta in Val di Zoldo, in the Monte Magnola - Ovindoli ski area and in the Folgaria ski area. The intensive LEITNER construction program is completed with the construction of two surface lifts in Val Gardena in Monte Pana and in the 3 Zinnen Dolomites ski area.

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