Celebrate 15 Years Of Triassic Park On The Steinplatte In Waidring

15 years of Triassic Park: For the anniversary, augmented reality and water fun attract visitors to the Steinplatte

Even more dino-tastic attractions! At 1,700 meters above sea level, an interactive amusement park with open-air fun awaits adventurers of all ages, all in the motto of the scaly prehistoric creatures. Up in the gondola, into primeval times! After this summer, who has the best holiday story to tell? Summit conquered? Many do! experienced adventures? Who does not! Romped around with dinosaurs and immersed in a prehistoric time full of fun, games and adventure like 200 million years ago? No? Then go to the Triassic Park on the Steinplatte in Waidring. As a special treat for the 15th anniversary of the Triassic Park, Bergbahnen Steinplatte is giving all visitors from near and far a special gift - with two brand new attractions this summer!

New 2023: Augmented Reality puzzles for dinosaur detectives!

Attention dinosaur seekers! This summer you can bring primeval times to life yourself - and it's easy, without a laboratory, just with your cell phones! Cool puzzle fun, perfect for older children: Equipped with a digital magnifying glass, puzzle pros have to find three primeval inhabitants who have hidden in Triassic Park. With the latest augmented reality technology, you can bring the dinosaurs from 200 million years ago directly into the present with your own cell phone camera. Even experienced dinosaur experts have not yet seen this and are amazed when the prehistoric inhabitants walk across the stone slab through the camera lens like they did a veeeeery long time ago. Anyone who finds all the hidden prehistoric inhabitants and cracks the secret code word will also take home a medal with a dinosaur engraving and become a certified dinosaur expert.

New in 2023: the Triassic water games

After so many dino-tastic puzzles, even the smartest researcher needs a break. All the better that your own mini primordial sea on the Steinplatte is now enriched by the "Triassic water games". A brand new playground with an exciting watercourse provides the necessary cooling off on a primeval day out. And there's also something new for dinosaur super fans to marvel at, because another dinosaur has joined the 30-metre-long giant tube slide. The highest sandy beach in the Alps - the "Triassic Beach" - invites you to relax or dig as usual. Fossil researchers should keep their eyes open when searching in the sand - there are many treasures buried here. For dinosaur fans and those who want to become one, there is still a lot to discover.

As usual powerful: The dinosaurs are loose!

But there must still be time for the “Triassic Trail”. The educational circular hiking trail for the whole family (approx. 4 km, 210 meters in altitude) provides at least as many great vantage points as exciting Dino data and facts. And the brave dare to take a look from the 70 m high, coral-shaped viewing platform. Breathtaking for sure! But that is not all! In the "Triassic Center", visitors are transformed in two rooms in no time at all into paleontologists, i.e. into real prehistoric researchers. Experience the formation of the earth, see real corals and absorb information in abundance. Interactive and prepared with multimedia – history can be so exciting! This means there are no limits to primeval fun, even in bad weather.

Time for primeval times on the stone slab

Once all the dinosaurs have been discovered, all the treasures found and all the Dino facts learned, the Steinplatte Waidring with its incomparable and varied hiking trails, climbing routes and mountain bike routes offers more than enough incentive to spend even more time in the 3-country corner of Tyrol, Salzburg and Bavaria. The fantastic natural panorama invites you to linger. Some - like the dinosaurs - over millions of years. But they all come back, on the Steinplatte in Waidring in the PillerseeTal in the Kitzbühel Alps.

Opening hours:
May 27 to October 8, 2023
daily from 9:00 a.m. to 4:45 p.m
Suitable for wheelchairs and prams
Entry to the park is free!

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