Bern Helmets Plans For Future With Expanded Team, New HQ & Proprietary Technology

Bern Helmets, respected around the globe for its proprietary street-inspired helmets, combining style, comfort, and safety on trails, slopes, water, and in urban venues, today announced an expanded leadership team and a growth plan leveraging the surging outdoor and micromobility trends. Founder Dennis Leedom, along with Adam Godwin, chief financial officer, will lead a team of veteran action sport professionals from its new headquarters in Cordage Commerce Center, a renovated industrial park.

Dennis Leedom, CEO of Bern
Dennis Leedom, CEO of Bern

Leedom, an established helmet pioneer and entrepreneur, has over 25 years of experience in the action sports category and recently returned to the company. Prior to founding Bern, he founded Leedom Helmets, pioneered the first recreational snow helmet in the U.S. with Boeri Sport USA and started his career as a ski instructor at Squaw Valley. Leedom started Bern in 2004 in a barn he built next to his house with the mission of making Bern a people first, lifestyle-oriented company focused on making the most stylish head protection to be used in all seasons, for all action sports.

“The past year has tested all of us, but what is most encouraging is the U.S. consumer’s rekindled love affair with active and outdoor sports,” said Dennis Leedom, CEO of Bern. “Our goal is to engage outdoor enthusiasts by providing brand and product value that connects with their attitude and personality for outdoor adventure. We have identified a strategic and exciting 2.0 plan that will reinvigorate and evolve our classic line of helmets in addition to new innovation for new helmets like the Hudson model. We will continue to challenge ourselves to establish premium head protection providing our customers with confidence, focus and a feeling of inspiration.”

In addition to Leedom and Godwin, who had previously worked at Bern for over 13 years, the leadership team includes: John Phaneuf, head of global sales; Leah Markham, creative services manager; and Kenneth Perkins, product design director located in Bern’s Brooklyn design studio.

Building upon its technology prowess, Bern Helmets introduced The Carbon Watts this month, an evolution of its iconic Watts helmet for winter sports, using proprietary technology infusing carbon fiber, available on The Carbon Watts, Bern’s most premium helmet priced at $250, uses a proprietary process resulting in a seamless carbon fiber shell that is significantly stronger than ABS, and 11% lighter.

In addition, Bern recently released five new 2.0 helmets, re-designs of its most successful offerings: The Hudson, Macon 2.0, Brentwood 2.0, Nino 2.0, and Watts 2.0 (coming this summer) all featuring MIPS multi-direction impact protection system. All helmets use premium product features including Bern’s exclusive Zip Mold Plus Liquid Impact Foam, for lightweight comfort and added protection, new Hard Shell Tech utilizing a new channeled rib system that improves air flow and provides added protection.

“Our direction is simple,” continued Leedom. “We are 100% focused on using our 25 plus years of trade secrets, creativity, wisdom and strengths to innovate head protection providing outdoor enthusiasts with the highest value and balance of protection, comfort and style.”

In addition to the new leadership team and headquarters, Bern has expanded its supply chain with a new customer focused warehouse located close to its headquarters in Plymouth with the goal of improving the customer experience. “This facility enables us to completely focus on providing consumers with best in class customer service and support. In addition, this warehouse enables Bern to be hands on with our inventory to meet or exceed the demands of all of our retail partners,” said Godwin.

Key 2021 marketing initiatives led by Markham, include: working with key partnerships, such as MIPS and Lime, to educate consumers on head protection and overall safety in the micromobility industry; re-engage with legendary Bern athletes, while working with up and comers, Olympic hopefuls, and brand ambassadors to aid Bern’s overall brand strategy and mission; and ensuring that Bern exceeds consumer expectations by providing a best-in-class online shopping experience.

“In a time when people need to get out more than ever and are struggling, Bern has put together the team, tech and logistics to deliver unparalleled style, protection and comfort at an unbeatable value. Because we live to help enthusiasts ‘stay out there’, we are evolving to make that happen,” Leedom continued.

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