Austrian Ski Federation General Assembly Takes Place In Vienna

The 84th ÖSV General Assembly took place in the country’s capital of Vienna last weekend. The focal point of the meeting was the report by the President, the Council and representatives of the different areas. In the framework of a festive celebration at the Vienna City Hall on Friday night, successful athletes were honoured and those who retired from competitive sports bid farewell. Sports Director Hans Pum, who is retiring from his position after 42 years in the Austrian Ski Federation was given a standing ovation.

In a working meeting on Saturday 22ndJune, President Schröcksnadel and the Vice Presidents reflected on a successful World Championship season. After a look back at the FIS Nordic World Ski Championships in Seefeld (AUT) and the FIS Junior World Championship in ski and snowboard cross at Reiteralm (AUT), the delegates heard reports from recreational skiing, the Austria ski pool as well as a preview of the season to come. Proposals from the different commissions were discussed and decided on. 

The following athletes were honoured:

Large Golden Sport Honorary Medal

  • Alpine: (9): Franziska Gritsch, Christian Hirschbühl, Marcel Hirscher, Vincent Kriechmayr, Katharina Liensberger, Michael Matt, Nicole Schmidhofer, Marco Schwarz, Katharina Truppe
  • Ski Jumping(8): Philipp Aschenwald, Michael Hayböck, Chiara Hölzl, Daniel Huber, Daniela Iraschko-Stolz, Stefan Kraft, Eva Pinkelnig, Jacqueline Seifriedsberger     
  • Nordic Combined(4): Bernhard Gruber, Lukas Klapfer, Franz-Josef Rehrl, Mario Seidl   
  • Snowboard(4): Hanno Douschan, Alessandro Hämmerle, Benjamin Karl, Daniela Ulbing           


Marcel Mathis, Philipp Schörghofer (Alpine), Hanno Douschan, Ina Meschik, Markus Schairer (Snowboard), Andreas Kofler (Ski Jumping), Willi Denifl, Bernhard Flaschberger, David Pommer (Nordic Combined), Thomas Zangerl (Skicross), Luis Stadlober (Cross-Country)  


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