Astoria Resort Seefeld Becomes Alpin Resort Sacher Seefeld-Tirol

From mid-September, the Astoria Resort Seefeld will operate as Alpin Resort Sacher Seefeld-Tirol from September 15. With this step, the Sacher Group is entering the resort hotel industry and the family business is now also setting standards in this category.

The Astoria Resort Seefeld, family-owned since 1950 and managed by Elisabeth Gürtler since 2015, is located on the Seefeld high plateau at 1,200 m, embedded in a 20,000 m² park. The spacious, family-run five-star superior resort has been extensively expanded, rebuilt and refined in recent years with great attention to detail, entrepreneurial vision and the highest quality standards. The multiple award-winning resort has an approx. 4,700m² wellness area, a gourmet restaurant and 81 suites and rooms in an elegant alpine style.

“The Astoria, which my parents bought in 1950, is inseparable from my family; as well as the Sacher Hotels, which I was able to help shape for more than 25 years. The best honor is that we as a family have made the decision to develop the Astoria into the Alpin Resort Sacher,” says Elisabeth Gürtler. The hotelier will continue to manage the Alpin Resort Sacher Seefeld-Tirol together with General Manager Anton Gustav Birnbaum and her team.

Under the Sacher brand, outstanding services, products and business areas are constantly and consciously being further developed. All Sacher hotels, cafés and the manufacture of the original Sacher cake are run by the Gürtler and Winkler families, who own them and are designed for the future. Attention to detail, a family atmosphere and quality are what make Sacher excellence what it is. "It is precisely these values ​​that have been set as the benchmark and practiced in the further development of the Astoria in recent years, so that the house is what it is today: a Sacher in which you feel good, enjoy excellent service and love in every moment down to the last detail," says Alexandra Winkler, Sacher co-owner, who adds: "I'm delighted to welcome the Alpin Resort Sacher to the Sacher family. Here you can feel 100% Sacher, here 100% Sacher is lived”.

In the Sacher Hotels in Vienna and Salzburg, classic Austrian luxury is lived and celebrated for the guests. This attitude, which means preserving what is valuable but also interpreting the spirit of the times, is now being continued and lived in the Alpin Resort Sacher. The Sacher Hotels Vienna and Salzburg are the only family-run five-star superior city hotels in Austria. “With the Alpin Resort Sacher, we are expanding our business field and taking a conscious step towards resort hotels, which means new opportunities for us. Elegance and zeitgeist characterize the Alpin Resort Sacher and the team in Seefeld knows what Sacher excellence means and what Sacher guests expect,” says Sacher co-owner Georg Gürtler, who is proud of the consistently high quality standards in all Sacher hotels.

Hilde and Fritz Mauthner, Elisabeth Gürtler's parents, acquired the Astoria in Seefeld (then still Pension Britannia) in 1950 and quickly expanded it into one of the most fashionable houses in the Alps - including the first indoor swimming pool in Tyrol. Elisabeth Gürtler spent a lot of time in the Astoria from a young age and learned and lived here excellent hotel business. The Sacher companies have been managed by the owners Alexandra Winkler and Georg Gürtler and their families since 2015. After the handover, Elisabeth Gürtler returned to the place that shaped her understanding of tourism and which is her special love: the Astoria Seefeld, which, after renovations, extensions and refinements, has now reached the standard that made it the Alpin Resort Sacher Seefeld- Tyrol makes. "I am happy,

From September 15th, guests will check in at the Alpin Resort Sacher Seefeld-Tirol. The first highlight under a new name is planned for September 16th to 18th, when the Alpin Resort Sacher invites you to "Uphill with culture and cuisine".

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