Andermatt-Sedrun Sport AG Introduces Digital Signage Project To Optimize Customer Experience

Andermatt-Sedrun Sport AG successfully implemented a comprehensive digital signage project in the summer of 2023 to improve the experience of winter sports enthusiasts with real-time information in the Andermatt-Sedrun-Disentis ski area and to ensure effective communication with customers.

The project includes the installation of new information screens at ten strategic points in the ski area. These screens provide real-time information about the connections in the ski area, the open facilities, the slopes, the operating times, the connections to the Matterhorn-Gotthard cable car, the risk of avalanches, the time of day and the temperature. In the event of special events, they transmit information and alerts in real time directly from the operations control center (OPC). One of the highlights of the project is the new live dashboard on the website, which provides all the important information for a day of skiing.

David Zumstg, head of the operations control center at Andermatt-Sedrun Sport AG and project manager, explains: "With this project we want to offer our guests a seamless information experience that is accessible both on our website and directly in the ski area. Our goal is to provide up-to-date information and to present services in a way that enriches and simplifies our guests' stay."
The project includes a total of 10 displays in three different sizes, including 6x3.5 m LED walls on the Gütsch and Oberalp passes, 3.5x2 m LED walls at key locations and 85-inch LCD displays at the valley stations. The displays are state-of-the-art and weatherproof, even without heated housings and glass panes. Andermatt-Sedrun Sport AG implemented one of the largest digital signage installations in a ski area, especially at such altitudes.

Several companies were involved in the realization of the project, including AUVISO for the screen installations, Neumet for the metal substructures, Sisag for the screen contents and their control, HI Switzerland for the design of the contents, STRABAG for the construction work and EWU & Energia Alpina for the electrical installations.

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