Alta Badia - Hit The Peaks Of Gastronomy

It will be the opening of the mountain lifts, scheduled for 10 June, that will officially kick off the summer in Alta Badia, although numerous accommodation facilities will already be open in May to welcome mountain enthusiasts. In recent years, Alta Badia has become a reference point for lovers of good food, offering a vast culinary offer, from traditional to gourmet and even Michelin starred cuisine. Indeed, there is no better stage than these places in the heart of the Dolomites a UNESCO World Heritage site for a gastronomic trip in close contact with nature. During the summer of 2023, there are many initiatives for all tastes that will tempt the guests of Alta Badia.


Breakfast for many is the most important meal of the day and, in fact, nutritionists recommend having a hearty breakfast, based on wholesome products. Alta Badia also wants to follow this advice and offer its guests the possibility of having a rich breakfast, different from the usual. The five appointments planned during the summer include a morning visit to five different farms, where participants, accompanied by the farmer, can enter the cowshed to fetch eggs, help with the preparation of products such as ricotta cheese and experience close contact with animals and nature. Breakfast is then provided. There will be no shortage of farmer's products on the table: milk, butter, eggs, jam, fresh bread and other home-made specialities. These are the dates: 11 July (Lüch Larcenei farm), 25 July (Farm Bio Lüch Ruances), 8 August (Dolomites Farm), 22 August (Lüch da Mirió farm), 12 September (Farm Lüch Arslada). Booking is compulsory and can be made online (<>), or at the tourist offices in Alta Badia. The cost is 30€ per person for adults, 18€ for children from 5 to 12 years old and free for children under 5.


They are called 'Vins alaleria - wines in the open air', the appointments with André Senoner, South Tyrolean sommelier expert and Italy's best sommelier 2022, who during the five appointments in June, July and August will provide participants with unforgettable outdoor experiences with the best wines from South Tyrol. These wines are distinguished by their excellent quality, thanks to a favourable climate, fertile soil and the love of the winegrowers. The tastings take place in locations with a very special character, carefully chosen to provide an all-round sensory experience. On 29 June, a tasting of white wines will be held at the foot of the Pisciadú waterfalls, while South Tyrolean red wines will be presented on 7 July on the foot of the iconic Santa Croce. On 14 July, on the other hand, on the meadows of Sas Dlacia, at the entrance of the Fanes-Senes-Braies Nature Park, a tasting will be held, ranging from a bubbly to two whites and a red. On 3 August, there will be a tasting with two Ladin dishes, including a very old speciality called jüfa, prepared simply with milk and flour. The location chosen for this event is a small mountain hut in the locality of Val de Valacia just above the village of Badia. The last appointment, scheduled for 25 August, is dedicated entirely to South Tyrolean sparkling wines, presented on Larcenëi meadows in La Val, with a spectacular view of Cima Nove, Cima Dieci and the Santa Croce peaks.

To participate in the tastings, booking is compulsory online (<>), or through the tourist offices in Alta Badia. Registration costs 30€ for each appointment, except for the appointment on 3 August, which costs 55€ and includes lunch.


The different varieties of dumplings are undoubtedly among the dishes that most characterise South Tyrolean cuisine and it is precisely for this reason that Alta Badia is dedicating an entire evening to this dish. On Tuesday, 18 July, a dumpling tasting will take place in the centre of the village of Badia, ranging from sweet to salty and from more traditional to more innovative versions. The dumpling can, in fact, be prepared in innumerable variations, to satisfy the tastes of all event participants.

The event takes place along Badia's main street, closed to traffic for the occasion, starting at 7 pm. The majestic church of San Leonardo, candles and torches, as well as local music will frame the evening. Tickets can be pre-sold at the information offices. It will also be possible to purchase them directly at the event venue. Reservations are not necessary.


For those who want to take a bit of Alta Badia home with them, to experience even after their holiday, Ladin cookery courses are on offer, during which you can learn some of the simplest recipes, which you can easily replicate at home. The initiative is called "Cujiné te ütia" (Cooking in the mountain hut) and involves an outdoor cooking course on the 2000m terraces of the Club Moritzino (28 June), I Tablá (12 July) and Ütia de Bioch (30 August) refuges with a 360° Dolomite panorama. Each participant will have their own station and will be able to cook the various dishes together with the hut chef, who will explain in detail every step in the preparation of cajincí arestis (fried ravioli filled with ricotta and spinach), spinach dumplings and cajincí t'ega (classic ravioli filled with spinach and ricotta). Each event will start at 2.30 pm. Reservations are compulsory at the Alta Badia tourist offices or online at<


Na cascada de saus: On 25 July, the meadows below the Pisciadú waterfalls, a 15-minute walk from the centre of the village of Colfosco, will for one day become a richly laid table with delicacies of Ladin cuisine. The valley's restaurateurs will prepare a selection of sweet and salty dishes, some faithfully following grandmother's recipes, others giving free rein to their imagination. However, they are all united by their source of inspiration: the surrounding nature, the protagonist in their dishes, for which they choose genuine, regional ingredients.

Plajëis y duciaries: On 29 August, Ladin cuisine takes to the square in the centre of the village of Colfosco, festively set up with special wooden huts. For the occasion, local restaurateurs offer some of the most popular dishes of Ladin cuisine.

To take part in the two events, no booking is necessary, just go directly to the venue, where you can buy the dishes you want.


There is no better time than autumn to enjoy nature in total relaxation in the heart of the UNESCO World Heritage Dolomites. From 17 September to 1 October, Alta Badia offers two weeks dedicated to local culinary excellence, highlighting local products and their producers. These will be the protagonists at the mountain huts Club Moritzino, I Tablá, Ütia de Bioch, and Lé, where menus, created especially for the occasion, will be presented during four days in the two weeks at the end of September. The producers, who are present at the various events, will be on hand to illustrate the special features and properties of the various products, which can also be purchased on site. The mountain huts can be easily reached with the ski lifts, which are open until 1 October.
Furthermore, during this period, other activities are proposed, aimed at introducing the excellence of Alta Badia to those who have chosen this magical period to spend a few days of their holiday in the Dolomites.

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