Alpine Canada Selects Interpodia As Official Coach Membership Technology Supplier

Alpine Canada has selected Interpodia’s membership and registration technology to power Canadian Ski Coaches (ACA-CSC). Transitioning to a new and unified system will improve the coach’s membership experience, reduce administration hours, and assist in safe sport compliance and risk mitigation. We look forward to working together towards the longevity, excellence, and growth of alpine sports in Canada.

Interpodia is recognized as Canada’s leading provider of sport administration technology. They act as a long-term strategic partner to hundreds of national and provincial sport organizations. Following a decade of success with their cycling-specific platform CCN, they launched a snow-sport specific platform SnowReg in 2019.

SnowReg was built to focus on the needs and welfare of the snow-sport community. Since its launch, SnowReg, powered by Interpodia, has become the registration and membership technology platform to Freestyle Canada, Canada Snowboard, and now Alpine Canada. SnowReg provides modern and flexible systems for course registration, coach membership management, and license administration and can unify events, clubs, PTSO’s and the NSO under one platform.

Over recent months, Alpine Canada has been collaborating with the SnowReg team to assess the technology needs and administrative processes associated with their coach licensing and records management. As a result of this assessment, Alpine Canada engaged SnowReg to act as their official registration technology supplier to launch a new and improved ACA-CSC member management system. Through the next several years, the SnowReg system will continue to evolve to adapt to Alpine Canada’s goals, working towards their constant goal to help improve member experience, streamline administrative processes, and reduce risk.

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