Aletsch Bahnen: Inclined Lift Modernized For More Efficient Village Connections

Last autumn, Aletsch Bahnen AG replaced the “Mieschgihalte” inclined lift, which connects the Alpmatten district with the Bettmeralp village center. The inclined lift started operating shortly before the start of the high season.

The existing inclined lift “Mieschgihalta”, which connects the Alpmatten with the village center of Bettmeralp, was replaced by a new inclined lift by Aletsch Bahnen AG. This village connection has proven itself very well in recent years and is now indispensable, as it played a significant role in the development of the Alpmatten district. Aletsch Bahnen AG has taken this fact into account with the complete renovation of this facility. The existing foundations and buildings could continue to be used in this conversion. The schedule for implementation was very ambitious: After the approval process, the corresponding construction work started in October so that the inclined lift can start operating at the beginning of the winter peak season.

Investor supports new inclined lift

The external investor, graduate economist Rolf-Henning Mayer, supported the construction of the replacement plant with a very generous contribution. The first users of the inclined lift, the Fränkle family from Grenzach (D) near Basel, were given a gift from investor Rolf Henning Mayer after their first ride.

Doubled passenger capacity with new inclined lift

Since the new vehicle is larger, the new inclined lift from Aletsch Bahnen AG can now transport 16 people instead of 8 people per trip compared to the old system. The maximum travel speed of the new inclined lift is slightly lower compared to the existing system. Overall, the new system can reduce the number of trips. The valley station of the inclined lift is at 1,874 m above sea level, the mountain station at the village center of St. Michael at 1,938 m above sea level

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