TechnoAlpin - Modernization Of Blue Mountain Snowmaking System For Increased Efficiency

Blue Mountain Resort is located in the east of Pennsylvania (USA) and offers a total of 40 slopes and 15 modern lifts, catering to skiers of all levels, from beginners to experts.

In terms of snow quality, Blue Mountain has been relying on TechnoAlpin for many years, the industry leader in snowmaking technology. The existing infrastructure of the ski resort was expanded and brought up to date last year.

The main goal of the project was to enhance resource efficiency and optimize the use of short snowmaking windows. As part of this effort, more than 20 of the innovative TT10 fan guns and more than 70 TL8 lances were installed.

The TT10 with its tiltable tower is unique in the market, combining the benefits of a tower gun with the maintenance-friendliness of a mobile fan gun. Furthermore, the nozzle valve technology allows optimal energy efficiency while saving resources. The air-cooling system ensures outstanding snow performance, especially in marginal temperatures, and the nucleators with double ruby inserts guarantee excellent snow quality over many years. These outstanding features have made the TT10 and TT9 bestsellers, with over 1,000 machines of the TT series being sold in 2023.

In the field of lances, Blue Mountain also underwent a significant upgrade. Older lance models from other manufacturers were replaced with the latest TL series lances, enabling significant resource savings for the ski resort. The multi-step design of this lance series ensures the fine-tuning of the water flow rate, maximizing the snow output under all temperature conditions.

In addition to increased resource efficiency, short snowmaking windows can now be better utilized. Instead of producing snow on one slope after another, Blue Mountain can now simultaneously cover all slopes with technical snow as soon as temperatures allow. This enables Blue Mountain to welcome guests as early as the Christmas holidays in the ongoing winter season.

Nick Delich, Director of Mountain Operations at Blue Mountain, expressed his delight about the significant modernization and expansion of the snowmaking system by TechnoAlpin: "Thanks to these measures, we were able to highlight our ski resort this winter with the early opening of numerous slopes. Despite challenging weather conditions, we were able to produce substantial amounts of snow in a relatively short time." Delich also expressed satisfaction with the project's execution and emphasized the positive collaboration with TechnoAlpin: "We look forward to being partners with TechnoAlpin in the coming years."

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