Equip Readjusts Its Journey To Net-Zero, Drives Further Improvements In CSR Agenda

Equip Outdoor Technologies UK Ltd.(“Equip”), home of technical outdoor apparel and equipment brands Raband Lowe Alpine, has released its 2024 Sustainability Report. Equip has reported a significant reduction in CO2 emissions, calculating 5.84kg CO2e per item manufactured, and a 46.2% absolute reduction against its 2019 baseline due to a number of contributing factors.

Following an extensive process of mapping its fabric supply chain, Equip’s 2023 methodology for calculating manufacturing emissions has benefitted from more accurate and robust primary data, rather than relying on secondary data estimates. This improved methodology, combined with lower production volumes and utilising existing fabric stock in 2023, has led to significantly lower emissions than in previous years.

Equip‘s refined GHG methodology is part of its road to continuous improvement which also includes new SBTi verified targets and recommitting to a net-zero ambition:

· By 2030, Equip commits to reduce scope 1 and scope 2 GHG emissions by 46% from a 2019 base year and to measure and reduce its scope 3 emissions.

· By 2050, as part of a long-term target, Equip commits to reach net-zero. As part of this, Equip commits to reduce scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions 90% by 2050 from a 2019 base year. 

Matt Gowar, Executive Chair and Owner of Equip states, While the outdoor industry was struggling with continued inventory challenges, disrupted weather patterns, and the impact of global conflicts, we took a chance to look internally and ensure we remain set up for the future.

Adjusting our journey at this stage enables us to develop an improved roadmap for a more climate-conscious future. We know there’s still a lot of work to do, so we’re engaging our supply chain to influence a step change in environmental data sharing and increase the use of renewable energy in our factories. We continue to fund externally verified climate projects as we still believe in accounting for the GHG we produce today as we advance our reduction journey.“

Alongside their efforts to reduce GHG emissions, Equip continues to drive improvements in all other areas of its sustainability agenda. Their 2024 Sustainability Report provides a comprehensive overview of progress:

Product | High performance long-lasting products with lower impact

· Expanded their industry-leading Material Facts tables to include equipment and packs, and sharing % of renewable energy used in the final product manufacturing stage from AW24 onwards,

· Extended the life of 20,453 products with washes and repairs through Rab Service Centre located in UK, EU, and North America and,

· Recommitted to phase out all intentionally added PFAS from products by AW25. 

Planet | Combat Climate Change and protect the natural environment

· Calculated a footprint of 13,093 tonnes CO2e across scopes 1-3, a 46.2% absolute reduction against their 2019 baseline,

· 49% of Equip’s AW24 production is manufactured in factories that use renewable energy and,

· Diverted 4.5 tonnes of polybags from ending up in landfill since SS21.

Partner | Raise standards and action through collaboration

· Recognised as a Fair Wear Leader brand for the second consecutive year,

· 48% of Equip‘s production came from partners they’ve worked with for more than ten years and,

· Submitted SS24 sustainability data through the EOG SDEX project to drive data accuracy and efficiency with retail partners.

People | Commit to fairness, diversity and opportunity

· Over 800 employee’s volunteer hours in 2023 focused on supporting access to the outdoors,

· Celebrated the fourth year of partnership with The Outward Bound Trust, and

· Continued to work throughout the industry by volunteering key people to partner groups and charities supporting cross-industry collaboration and learning.

You can download the full Equip 2024 Sustainability Report >HERE<


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