Norwegian & French Feds Hold General Assemblies

The Norwegian and French Ski Associations have held their general assemblies, with the main outcomes noted below: 

Norges Skiforbund: Skitinget 2021

The general assembly of the Norwegian Ski Association, called Skitinget, was held digitally last Saturday on 12 June 2021. Erik Røste and Eva Tine Riis-Johannessen were re-elected as president and vice president of the Norwegian Ski Association during the Skitinget 2021.

A bench proposal was received from the Oslo ski district for Eva Tine Riis-Johannessen as vice president. She won that election by 55 to 43 votes.  

Arvid Wisløff was re-elected as chairman of the control committee following a bench proposal from Sør-Trøndelag ski district. Otherwise, are the nomination committee's recommendation, reviewed by the Skitinget 2021 listed below:

President:                   Erik Røste, re-election
Vice President:           Eva Tine Riis-Johannessen after bench proposal as re-election.
Board member:          Tove Moe Dyrhaug, re-election
Board member:          Sveinung Karlsen, re-election
Board member:          Sigrid Johanna Snuggerud, new
Board member:          Erik Bruun, re-election
Board member:          Birgit Skarstein, re-election
Board member:          alpine committee chair: Ola Evjen, re-election
Board member:          committee chairman combined: Edgar Fossheim, re-election
Board member:          committee chair jump: Alf Tore Haug, re-election
Board member:          committee chair cross-country: Torbjørn Skogstad, re-election
Board member:          committee chair Freestyle: Øystein Tamburstuen, re-election
Board member:          committee chairman Telemark: Rolf Bryn, re-election
1st deputy member:   Pål Angell Bergh, re-election
Employee representative: Elected by the employees. Marita Andresen.

Skitinget 2021, asked the Government for a speedy reopening of all sports activity in Norway.  With the Government's help, Norway could create a normalized everyday life for many children and young people around the country, and could create a fantastic new ski season for 2022, simply by having sports activities reopen.

The President’s Speech from Erik Røste of the Skitinget 2021 can be found here.

General Assembly of the French Ski Federation

The General Assembly of the French Ski Federation was held in Annecy, on Friday 11 June, in a small committee with the members of the Steering Committee, a number of delegates reduced to the strict minimum as well as the presidents of the National Commissions.

The Assembly was broadcasted via live streaming for and is available in replay on FFS TV , allowing as many people as possible to attend.

The General Assembly validated the implementation of the FFS revival plan, with a budget. of nearly one million euros, aimed at encouraging the resumption of snowsports activities in affiliated clubs on all levels.

This plan notably includes a system directly linked to the renewal of licenses. Members holding a 2020-2021 license will benefit from a reduction when renewing their license for the 2021-2022 season. With variations from 20 to 40% depending on the type of license.

In parallel with the FFS revival plan, an adapted communication campaign will be deployed to support the affiliated clubs in the resumption of their activities. 

If the 2020-2021 season has had a definite impact on all federal structures, the FFS aims to ensure a dynamic resumption of club activities, at the service of licensees.

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